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Talkback: Planting out tomatoes

Hi Kate that's a gardeners tale woe if ever I heard one.The weather has been so unpredictable this year, let's hope it recover's soon. Oldc...

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Bit late now, Mandy, but you didn't have to chuck 'em. Purple leaves aren't fatal. It's usually a sign of cold and a lack of nutrition. Some warmth and TLC would have resurrected them.

Some lovely writing on your blog, too. Congrats.

Hello to all of us growing tomatoes.

I find that by planting French Marigolds in close proximity to the plants they tend to prevent all types of infections to the plant.

Water frequently mainly during the evening and enjoy your results.

Tomato plants are 'hardy-little-critters' but they do need some help at times.

My tomatoes also got purple leaves, but as soon as the weather warmed up they were off, they are now fairly healthy looking and starting to develope their first flower buds. Will be planting them in the greenhouse border some time soon. 

This year I have also planted marigolds in the greenhouse border next to the where the tomatoes are going. not sure if they will have any affect, but they will look great when in full flower. 




Marigolds are reputed to deter all sorts of pests, but their main claim to fame is to repel root knot nematodes in the soil. They're wee wormy things that attack plants' roots. Nasty things.

Kate Bradbury

Hi all, am happy to report that I finally put my tomatoes, chillies and aubergines out last week and yesterday found LOADS of hoverfly larvae munching all the aphids. Hope this weather lasts!



Hello Italophile.

Thanks for the info on how Marigolds deter 'Root Knot Nematodes' - didn't know about that.

I'll now put more down near to my beetroot and radish, I did loose all my beetroot except for two plants.

Thanks a million.

Hi Kate i have the same Problem here in Manchester,I started planting up my easy fill hanging baskets,Two weeks ago. I have just finished putting them out on Monday.Also just put out my Banana Plants Red Abyssinian, and Japanese Banana, I lost my Tree Fern this last winter.Still got lots of bedding plants to plant out.I got 12 bush-cherry toms, which i keeping in my greenhouses,6 aubergine 12 Pepper plants,also i will keep in the greenhouse, Its all good fun.

Good Luck And Happy Gardenning.

Interesting to hear what everyone else is doing. I've had the same problem with the cold and wet and then possibly sun scorch on my sweet corn plants. They are in peat pots and desperate to get into the ground. Not a good forecast for sunday but I'm tempted to risk it. Does fleece really work?

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