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how can you keep your greenhouse at 4 °C if you don't use any heat / and its -7 °C at your nursery?
I too would like to know the answer regarding the temperature inside an unheated greenhouse. I have just inherited a greenhouse and would like to know what the temperature is in a greenhouse without heating it? Is it the same as outside or higher?
Response to asparagus: For planting it is the crown and the roots that are the most important. Cut the new growth back to 8cm. Plant the crowns 45cm apart in a well prepared bed. For the next two seasons only remove 1-2 spears per plant. In the third season you can cut regularly until mid June.
Response to cook: The glasshouse is heated to 4 °C which at that temperature only protects the plants from frost it does not encourage new growth. And yes our lowest temperature recorded in the last few weeks has been -6 °C. Which to be honest has been great as it is clearing up all the bugs and pests we have wintered.


Can I sow seeds(see below) in the coldframe outside from March without any heating. Seed packs are rose campian, cosmos, deliah, Agastache cana, Campanula Rockery ,Eryngium leavenworthii, Lysimachia atropurpurea, Papaver, Primula ,Sedum Rock Garden Mixed, Verbena bonariensis, Grass? Ornamental, Acanthus hungaricus, Eustoma grandiflorum, and many more...
How do i intice more butterflies into my garden this summer, what plants or shrubs can i introduce in addition to one new buddlia I planted last year?
I planted a grafted wisteria on the front of my house two and a half years ago when i moved in, so far it has lots of green growth but no flowers, i thought the grafted versions were supposed to flower, am i doing anything wrong ? what should i be doing to promote the flowers?
i cant seem to find anywere who sellthe petunia surfinia seeds i can get the plants but not in the seeds could anybody help me please
Reply to Petunia Surfinia: most prob the reason you cannot get the seeds is that the plants have plant breeders' rights on them. This means that your're not supposed to propagate without paying a royalty to the breeder so if seeds are available it will only be via the wholesale seeds houses.

If you see PBR on a label or plant catalogue this is what it means and you cannot sell plants without paying a fee to the breeder (though this goes on with hobby nurseries and some car-boot sellers who sell plants).

Garden centres and other nurseries have to charge higher prices then car boot sellers do to the higher cost for plants in first place

I have a pot of crocosmia bulbs that i need some advice with. Half of them have rotted, but the rest are nice and hard still. what should be done with them and when should i re-plant them.
I have always thought if you grow with out heat that means you only have rays of sun to warm the plants? You do not burn gas or any other fuel to stop the plants from frezeing, though 4c might not get the plant growing it does keep the frost out and with the use of horticultural fleece this could bring the temp above the 5c plus. In the last month I have being growing a few plants myself in a plastic tunnel with out any heat just using horticultural fleece. My plants have been growing very well and with night time temperatures of minus 8. Love your blogs on here and find it very interesting reading your website regards, cook
Plant as soon as poss, 2 or 3 depth of bulbs.they will multiply every year. Don`t like soil too dry.
Is it to cold in an unheated greenhouse to start sowing seeds what should the temp. be?


when asparagus grows up in to a kind of looking fern,do you cut it down or just leave it?
I am a new to gardening and it is difficult for me to do it as much as I would like too. I had spinal neurosurgery and I use a crutch due to a nasty fracture. You can imagine how disappointing it is for me to see my hard work and the hard work of the people who occasionally help me destroyed by all the cats of the neighborouhood! I live in an estate of disable adapted flats and we do our best to take care of our lovely communal garden. We save money from the very little that we have and hire people to do what we cannot do ourselves to keep our communal garden in Enfield.

Unfortunately, the cats destroy most of our efforts. I have tried with citrus fruits peel,as advised, but it does not seem to work. Perhaps, this has gone on too long and the soil has absorbed too much cat urine over the years. Please, would you advise me about a possible solution and help us keep this small lovely corner? Many thanks. Josephine

I've ordered some (20 crowns) Autumn planting asparagus, and have been digging and digging the place where I plan to put them. Now, I read I'm supposed to put them in rows, with 2 feet between each row, not in a bed.

Plan A was a 2.5 x 2.0 meter bed, with 4 rows of 5 crowns, staggering the crowns.

Is this a good plan, or do I settle for 4 rows with a path between them? Thanks, everyone

I have planted Beetroot and carrot seed on prepared soil with a thin covering of peat based compost beneath and covering the seed. This was well watered but overnight and during yesterday, the blackbirds have scratted holes and made a mess of my seed planting. Can I protect my beds by covering the seeded areas with thin fleece. Would they help with germination and protect from carrot root fly? and when should they be removed.
Our company is moving into the Gardening Growing your own Fruit & Veg and we are offering a reduced discounted price on Polytunnels. We are keen to know what you are growing as we are all foodies as well. You can get us on or on 020 8566 1254. I look forward to hearing from you guys. Take care. Dan