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I note that you say the soil is "even wet". Is the pot free standing or in a saucer? If the latter, it might be an idea to remove it so the soil can drain. How big is it? If feasible, it might be helpful to tip it out and have a look at the root system and checking for any grubs. There is a nasty White c- shaped maggoty thing with a dark head which is the larva of the vine weevil, which eats roots, but I've not heard of it attacking an acer of substantial size. Another reason might be that the young leaves got blasted by the recent cold snap, in which case it will probably look less than it's best this year, but will hopefully recover. I'm sure you will get other replies and advice.
Whoops. Wish I'd read this earlier. Unfortunately, 1 of mine 'caught a cold' ie got caught by frost and is now leafless. Is it dead or will it recover next year?
Thank you in advance for your attention

Try scraping the bark of stem with your fingernail. Green- alive, brown-dead.The frosted stems also go white. You could try pruning back to beyond any areas of die back.

It should have started to grow new leaves by this time of year, so doesnt sound promising. J.

Stick childrens wind whirlygigs etc. into the ground and the vibration usually frightens them away. Mind you: most of Scotland is getting covered with wind turbines now (Cheers Alex.) so I expect the overall effect will be no moles (or tweetybirds come to that).

No more moleskin troosers for us mate!
Hi, we several acers in pots, but we have repotted a acer which we were advised to do, it seems to have leaves drying up as soon as they appear, what advice can anyone give me?


We repotted our Acer in November but is as now started to loose some of its new leaves it as never done this before is there anything we can do to stop this
Hi, I've just been generously gifted two small Acers. I'm a complete gardening novice so I wondered if I should immediately repot, water and get them on the balcony or if they should be fine in the garden centre pots until next autumn? Any tips to look after them?

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