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do I need to grow courgettes every year from seed or once I have a few plants will they keep growing & fruiting for a few years?
i have a huge grape vine in a green house. i have adopted it on a newish allotment plot i have taken on. i am not quite sure how to take care of it.... can anyone offer any advise please......
i had the same problem when i ordered from a well known supplier, i contacted them and they said they would sort it. they didn't and the plants died. i have them delivered to a different address now. good luck with your cabbage!
Hi loopy lou, I think ,possibly wrongly, that courgettes are immature Marrows and therefore you would need to leave them on the plant to mature. Then they should be okay.


To loopy lou: Courgettes are best grown fresh each year,any plants that are left after they have finished fruiting are unlikely to regrow and they would crop very poorly even if they did.
This is my first year of growing veg in the allotment, I've had some great crops during the summer which are now just about finished, any suggestions what to start planting now for spring any advice welcome.
could anyone give me advice on growing Butternut squash I have tried for the first time this year but have had no sucess either with them in the greenhouse or outside.
I am looking for different ways to keep pigeons from my cabbages on my allotment. So far plastic bags blowing about on strings over them seems to be working, but I don't know for how much longer. I am looking for three-way plastic corner joints to fit a plastic tube or bamboo to create a long tent structure from which to hang a net. I know that these exist but I don't know where to find them reasonably priced. Any ideas?
I'm new to gardening and I am wondering if it's too late to plant carrots and cabbage. could someone tell me which, if any would be good. thanks
Jaka, The best way I have found to keep all animals off your plants is either coloches or mesh/netting. Both are readily avalible and inexpensive. I got some great coloches on e-bay for this year cabbabes, also helps keep the slugs off too. Hope this helps.
Got my first allotment space today. Can anybody give me some advice on anything I can do with it, or should be doing with it at this time. I'm very excited and eager to get going. Any advice would be great.
Can any one help with how to keep foxes off my Christmas potatoes? I have tried cloches with fleece and even a fruit mesh I made a box frame covered with mesh which they have destroyed and my potatoe leaves are broken.
hi everyone I have just got my allotment and would like some advise from experienced growers. I have cleared and made some raised beds but don't know what i can plant at this time of year, any advise would be most welcome. thanks.


I wonder if anyone can throw any light on why the flowers on my sweet peas kept disappearing just leaving the stalks. Birds were suggested, but I tried covering with fleece for a while and still the same thing happened. Is there an insect which is especially partial to sweet peas? If anyone can give an answere, I would be most grateful. Thanks.
Can any one help I have just taken over an allotment this summer and I have never grown any thing before. I planted some spring cabbage at the end of August which were doing well but now the upperside of the leaves are going yellow and underneath there are white powdery spots.
Well its our first year at Veg growing and we have learnt a few things For example thin out carrots or you end up with something out of a biology lesson. we lost all our cabbages red and white to a catapillar and his 3 million relatives and I was so looking forward to the red for Christmas. What can we do to prevent this disaster again any thing we can buy, M is going as far down the Organic root as possible but I dont mind a bit of ICI. Help please
can you help me please i am 37 and been a gardener for 26 years over the last 5 to 6 years i have become more and more intrested in the way the victorians grow there veg fruit and flowers and would lake to grow some of them but cannot find them can you help thanks

the grape vine i,ve got in my greenhouse,i,ve had it growing along the top of the green house along split canes I strapped along the top its about half way round now with the last ft still green and fresh looking, but its lost all its leaves I mean everyone as dropped off is this normal