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I'm a bit confused, thought this was just what I was looking for as have a dry shade area nr to trees, but having checked out the palnts that you sayn ar OK for this only one geranium (mourning widow) states soil dry. Am I limited to this all be it pretty geranium?
The second thumbnail of the four is described as "cranesbill geraniums", but clicking on the the link shows a different plant, Geranium macrorrhizum. The "mourning widow" link shows the same photograph as the original "cranesbill geraniums" thumbnail, so it appears that the morning widow (Geranium phaeum) is just one variety of many cranesbill geraniums. How confusing!
Very useful. I have been looking for some guidance on what plants I can plant in a shady area of my garden. I actually bought some heucheras but now that I have read this article, I can consider moving some of the plants that I already have in my garden which may do better in shade.
This feature is very useful, but I would like to see something specific in the future: if any of these plants are favoured by bees, butterflies etc. - please mention it. They need all the help they can get. Happy gardening! Wasawasa

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