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hi ,can someone help !! Last year my plum tree was full ,that the bows were breaking ,this tear i haven,t even had one single blossom ,both my pear trees are full ,but my plum tree is compleatly bare of blossom ,plenty of leaves but no blossom ,can anyone help me please ( TOM PEGG )
Hi, I bought a Shropshire prune damson tree (4 year old) last year which I planted in my garden. We have chalky soil and although the tree has looked very green and healthy with small green fruits starting to come, I noticed a week or so ago that the fruits had started to shrivel up and change colour. Also there are a few yellow leaves appearing! What's happening to my precious tree? Is it the very hot weather and maybe lack of water, lack of nutrients or what?
I love the little mirabelle plums that you just can't buy. Think I'll have to grow some. Shall try the recipe - it sounds delicious!

Planted a Plum Czarist tree 6 months ago, there is small fruit on it but now the leaves are turning yellow. Anyone know the reason please.


Are you keeping it well watered? I don't know what the weather is like where you are (it's been pouring with rain for weeks here) but the soil must be kept damp and not allowed to dry out for the whole of the first summer.Also, if it's a new tree remove the fruit this year or you will weaken the tree.

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