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I knew that rape seed crop caused me terrible allergy but to find it is also responsable for these horrid little beetles is the last straw, as for some years now it has been grown in fields where I live.
Thank you for this article! These beetles appeared in my squash and courgette flowers this year, and I had no idea what they were. Great to know that they aren't particularly damaging.
so relieved these don't cause a problem they seem to be in every single daffodil I have in my garden and my magnolia tree, never seen them before so I guess the rape fields must be high this year. Thank you
We have absolutely plagues of them and I'm afraid to say they do a lot of damage in my garden. They strip my daffodil petals bare and tend to eat the petals on petunias and other colourful flowers.
I'm glad i've found out what these pests are. I have been plagued with them for the past two weeks, and could do nothing but watch them munch their way through the flowers on my dahlias, roses and runner beans. And they love the bright yellow evening primrose! They have also been attracted to my washing!Weather has now deteriorated a bit (Gt Yarmouth area) so maybe there will be less pollen beetles about. Thanks for information.


Ah so that's what they are. I thought they were tiny weevils. They have some how gotten into my green house and covered my pumpkin flowers.


Please be aware that pollen beetles can bite and cause very nasty blisters. If you ever come across them, stay away from them! They are smaller than a grain of rice and you will find them amongst the pollen in flowers - they love sweet peas and rape. About two years ago I was bitten by one on my inside wrist. It was quite a nasty bite and it bled a bit. I instinctively sucked the bite and thought not much more about it apart from a bit of an itch. The following morning I woke up and my wrist had swollen a lot, as had my bottom lip and my ear! I must have slept with my ear on my wrist. Over the next few days it got worse and worse and developed into huge blisters. I went to the doctor and was diagnosed with cellulitis - a pretty nasty blood poisoning condition which was creeping up my arm. I was given heavy antibiotics and antihistamine cream and tablets and told to move my arm as little as possible. I am now quite paranoid about these little beetles.


I used to live in the country and hated the things. Now I live in an urban area and I can sit out in the sun again as we don't have them. 

We also used to be invaded by thrips which made your life an absolute misery, and ended up inside the pictures and the computer monitor. They also used to bite, usually round the elasticated edges of your bra and pants!

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