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TIP FOR GOOSEBERRY PREPARATION iF YOU too have a bumper harvest of gooseberries the topping and tailing is tedious, your thumnail gets worn and sore or your thumb gets sore hold the scissors. My tip is to use large (toe nail size!) nail clippers in place of your thumbe and fore finger, much better.
The potato's on my allotment have got purplish marks on the tubers about 5 and 10 centimetres in size. Is it blight and if so are they safe to eat?The leaves of the plants look fine.Any ideas/advice
Are there any blight resistant tomatoes in the pipe line of development? I grow all kinds of toms. I have found Legend-a beef steak tom one of the last to succumb to the dreaded blight. Last year I erected a greenhouse on my allotment because of losing toms outside year after year. Imagine my consternation when brown spots appeared on the leaves inside!!!! I straight way stripped all leaves off all plants! I'm pleased to say the fruit continued to grow and ripen free from blight. Others on the site lost all their plants inside and out. I did spray the remaining stems with bordeaux tho.
How long do you have to wait to consume your potatoes after spraying them with bordeaux mixture?
With the amount of sulphur falling out of the sky right now we all need to wait and see...


has anyone heard of using a tea made from mares tail for treating blight or is it just an old wives tail?

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