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Hi I'm just wondering if I am really too late to plant more potatoes - i'm really new to this but have decided to do a horticulture course starting in september i would like to grow some in a container or grow bag -- any help will be greatly taken Thankyou
My potatoes have been really successful this year, two varieties, a red potato and a knobbly Anya like potato, (neither my husband or I can remember what varieties they were) We have had buckets for the second year running, and luckily no blight. Should we now rest this peice of ground and move our next planting to one of our raised beds? We want to try and grow some more for Christmas. Having gloated about our huge potato crop, I have to add that our brassicas were a disaster, and unusually it has been a pathetic tomato crop for us, but fabulous Aubergines and Peppers for the first time ever!
I`ve had blight in my main crop. MY earlies and 2nd earlies were fine. I`m not sure if i will grow main crop next year. What should i do to the soil, is it ok to grow my runners in ground where the pots were?
Hi, Last year I had Potatoe Blight and tomatoe blight, Most of the Tomatoes were in containers but my main crop of beef tomatoes were in the soil. Do I have to do anything to the soil this year or do I have to leave it to rest. I have got blight resistant potatoes for this year as could not face throwing away my crop again.
I've been a small time gardener & veg grower for a number of years but had never suffered the dreaded blight! It got my potatoes & tomatoes last years. For once I grew the greenhouse tomatoes in grow bags and due to new veg plot being put together my spuds were also in bags. Outdoor tomatoes straight into soil. However, NOTHING WAS SPARED!! Normally I’d tip the compost from bags back into garden & dig in, but I couldn’t make up my mind up whether this was a good idea or not & so the bags still sit there..... Is it safe & if not what to do with it??? Can somebody help me with this blight plight??


Try Bordeaux mixture for the blight. Follow the usage instructions on the pkt. I had blight bad last year, growing in bags, this year the wind took most of my haulms before it set in so (crossed fingers), and a drench of bordeaux, will put it right.
Our potatos were looking pretty good but within the last 2 weeks they have turned yellow. Didn't have a problem last year and have done the same, in potatos sacks. Can anyone tell me where we may have gone wrong, or would be down to the beautiful English weather!!
Hi I've grown potatoes for the first time and just boiled some to have them exploded after 5 mins. The skins were dry and the insides really soft though not gooey like Zahra. So I dug up some more and tried them - same thing. So I went to Asda and bought some! Funny thing is it was the larger potatoes which exploded the little bite sze one was perfect. Very strange.
I live in France and have ust harvested my maincrop 'Desiree' potatoes. Some of the potatoes were completely hollow when I lifted them, which I put down to slug damage. However, I have yet to find even one slug in the potato patch. Are there any other insects/creatures which can cause so much damage? I would welcome commments from anyone.
I've been eating new potatoes for five weeks now. I planted "Swift" which are ready in ten weeks and most of them are huge because of the well-rotted horse manure I dug into the site. "Charlotte" and "Pink Fir Apple" are also ready to be lifted but I am already thinking of planting for Xmas new potatoes. It's the horrible smell from blight that turns my stomach. Gigi, your potatoes sound as if they are doing well - have patience and you will be well rewarded.

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