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Has anyone had potato blight this year? my potatoes were growing very well but now they have black patches on the leaves and stems. It looks horribly like potato blight but it hasn't been that wet or humid in Hampshire this year. Please help!
I have blight on my potatoes. Unfortunately before I knew it I had put some of the halms in the compost bin. Do I need to throw away the whole of the compost that is in there or will the blight be killed by the heating up of the compost?
Two quick questions: I had a problem with all my Toms in Green house (leaves going yellow then black). I took leaves off each day and put them in compost. Will I be able to use this compost? I have been spraying my plants with Mancozeb will this work?

On the spud front, we had a really windy spell and my plant went a bit flat, they had loads of flower on them which have all gone, the plants are up agian, but I'm not sure when they will be ready can anybody tell me when (I dung a couple up and they had some spuds on).

The haulms of our Swift potatoes have been stripped as if by caterpillars though none have been spotted on the plants. The other four varieties grown in the same plot are unaffected. This is the first time this problem has occurred in many years of potato growing. Any explanation?


I have just lifted some of my Anya potatoes and they are all purple in the middle! Is this a sign of potato blight.
I just went out to check my outdoor tomatoes after last night's storms, only to find that telltale brown staining and rotten fruit. Those nasty blight spores are clearly out and about here in Rickmansworth! However, my question is: can I use the same pots next year, and should I throw away the soil currently in them? Also, is there anything specific I should use to clean the tools I've used with the infected tomatoes?
Hi, Have grown some King Edwards in bags. They have been doing well, vegetation dying back now so decided to empty a couple of bags & see how they have done. Plenty of tatties of usable size in the bags, but most of them have red/pink patches which when cut open goes right through the potato. They were grown in multi purpose compost. What is the cause of this? Are the tatties still edible?
I have had tomato blight the last two years. managed to save a lot of the fruit before infection, Does anyone know if this can be harmful if a slightly infected fruit is eaten
My bay tree has large brown patches on the leaves, what is the problem? Can it be treated?
some thing is eating the leaves on my potato plants could someone tell me what and will we be able to eat thhe potatoes.
If you were to eat a slightly blight infected potato, it would not harm you but believe me....I don't think you ever would, they generally develop a very smelly secondary rot! If you do get a bit of contaminated tubert in your cooked potato, the taste is horrible, I've done it!
My lovely ornamental pots with specimen plants are suffering from severe ant attack. What does any one recommend we should use to treat this problem successfully and not harm the plants?


I am a first time veg grower and have some potatoes growing in bags. Ant appears to be eating through the base of shoots coming of the main stems causing them to break off. They then congregate around the break? Is this a major problem if so how do I deal with it?
I would like to move my Magnolia tree it's about 6ft tall and 4ft wide. I planted it some years ago before I re did the kitchen now the view from the window at the kitchen sink is almost blocked by the tree. I have a lovely empty space at the bottom of the garden where it would look wonderful. Any help would be great.
Does potato blight affect tomatoes? Because of the extremely wet weather our potatoes were affected and I think it has spread to my tomatoes.

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