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17/06/2009 at 15:17
I garden in France and every year I am plagued with Doryphores!They are called the Colorado Beetle in uk and notifiable. When I first arrived I asked my french neighbour what these orange and black things were and were they a problem.Maurice who is 86 and works an enormous plot,stamped on it and said,"no problem". Well they are and I'm not going to grow potatoes next year!
18/06/2009 at 13:06
i'd like to know what is the final pot size a single tomato plant should be repotted into, without the need to repot again?
18/06/2009 at 17:17
this is message for Toby. can you please contact me as i have fantastic product to improve soil and remove stones and weeds all at the same time. i am not good with computers so please forgive me for any mistakes. you can contact me on
21/06/2009 at 10:17
Strawberry Pixie, 9" pots for tomatoes.
21/06/2009 at 14:39
I am pleased with the weather too.
21/06/2009 at 21:31
My potato leaves have small black/brown dots all over them and the stalks have started to wilt. They are Earlies but have not flowered yet and the yield is small when they are dug up. Has anyone idea what is going wrong?
22/06/2009 at 16:08
Wasn't Tom Hart Dyke back fab on Friday's show. Make a lovely regular p/t Gardeners' World succulent plant presenter?...
25/06/2009 at 20:22
We've grown almost 200 pepper plants from seeds colected by our school chef from the peppers on our salad counter. We're having a "Great Pepper Challenge" this summer, with the students each taking home a plant and growing it on. The one that grows the longest x heaviest pepper fruit wins a tin of Quality Street. Hooray!
10/08/2009 at 12:38
My Peppers are grown tall do I pinch out the top to get them to swell up
28/11/2011 at 18:38
i have peppers and chilies in my green house but have ALSO greenfly...i have tried the washing up liquid but with no luck.can any one help this is my first summer with a greenhouse.
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10 messages