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I have just moved to a moderate size garden and I love it. I have 3 beds, 2 are approx 3ft x 6ft long and the other is my flower bed which is about 15ft long & 3ish foot wide as angled. Flowers seeds, bulbs and bedding plants in the flower bed. In the first veg bed, I chitted some potatoes and now I have green leaves above the ground (all very exciting). In the other bed, I have Cougettes, which look like they have died. They were growing lovely on my window sill. Also added Carrot, spring Onion and mixed lettuce seeds. How long before they come up, so impatient. Also bought a compost bin. Love gardening. Speak soon.
You've got me worried now! I'm growing carrots and parsnips in those big potato bags this year as I neither have a large garden nor an allotment! The thing is that I've had to fill the bags with something and that something happens to be compost (peat-free from the garden centre) - is this going to be too rich for them? I now have visions of loads of forked carrots and parsnips but no children to make funny characters out of them, unless you count my husband, of course ;-)
I started last year with a vegetable plot at the back of our garden. I planted potatoes, carrots; I still dug some up in January and they were still good to eat,beetroot i still have some in the ground dont know what to do with them, and lots off different salads. We also had one courgette plant that gave plentifull of fruit. It is amazing the satisfaction i got of growing my own vegetables. Today i was in my garden putting some homemade compost on one of the beds ,well yes it rained but i quite enjoyed it. Looking forward to put in my first potatoes. one question can I put Brussels sprouts and onions in the bed i had my potatoes in last year? Have fun with your allotment i certainly will have fun planting in the next weeks coming.
What was the oil mentioned on Thursday when treating camelias for a black sooty coating?
Please can anyone help? My rhubarb is in its second year and has just started to produce new shoots, however due to some building work I will need to move it to a new home. Will I be able to do this now or will it ruin this year's crop?


I have just become a Gardener and I am enjoying every second of it, I am into planting seeds as I get more satisfaction out of watching them grow. I have learned so much from this site that I do not know what I would have done if we did not have it, Fantastic information, and I love to watch the videos, so interesting!

Well I have managed the garden bit but now I have launched myself into an allotment I do not get it until next week, it is totally overgrown and is going to need some digging to prepare it for planting, my concern is that I am too late for planting by the time I get it ready how late can you plant things like carrots, brocoli, parsnip, and other veg, any help on this would be really helpful, I would like to thank you all of you for the great information on the blog I love reading them, keep them coming please,

Can anyone help? I want to build some raised beds for vegetables, but have come across warnings about timber preservative leaching into the crops - any suggestions about sort of timber to use would be gratefully received.
Hi I've just made 3 raised beds for planting and wanted to know if anyone can recommend some plants that I could place close by which would help repel insects and bugs from my future crops!
We are about to make raised beds on our existing vegetable plot. The permanent asparagus bed is in its fourth year. Am I right in thinking that creating 12 inches or so of raised soil on top of the asparagus will not work? Annually we top mulch about 3-4 inches. Can anyone help? Many thanks
i am just about to fill my raised beds for the first time,any thing particular i should use or look out for?
I have just started a allotment in northwood kirkby nr liverpool. we are eny help or beginers and trying are best and if the gardeners out ther got any help or information you can contact us on thank you

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