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Right monkey. i shall now freeze mine first as well. never thought of that. Thanks, Pippa. I love apple juice. If you add a little squeeze of lemon bottles will keep for some time in the fridge.
ok so how do I notify you of a change of adress so that my GW mag arrives at the correct address?
Member, Please send an email to or telephone 0844 848 9707
Can you tell me how to turn my apples into cider, in particular what equipment is needed? I have several apple trees - also a pear tree and from my memories of Normandy I recall pear cider is scrumptions (!!!)


Here's an excellent site on small scale cider making -

Just received your letter acknowledging my gift subscription (no date on letter).  It says the sub will start with the JUL 09 issue?   Is this a mistake as I presume it should read JUL 12.  Please confirm this date or am in reading it incorrectly? 

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