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what if my cordyline is planted in the ground. Is it the same technique?
The recent snow has damaged the leaves on my cordyline - broken them at the stem so they wont stand up. What should I do with the plant now - will this kill it off?
will standing in its pot in a plastic greenhous be sufficient? do i open door/window during the day?

Thank You
What is the coldest temp you would leave cordyline outside?


I did all that was shown on the video but come spring my lovely cordyline had rotted why and my other one that was in a pot and not covered is flourishing ?

Hi carol, wet is more of an issue for a cordyline than anything, and if a wet pot then gets exposed to a severe cold snap that won't help.  Was the first one in very wet soil to start with? The second one might have been in drier conditions  and in a more sheltered spot.  Any other info you can give will help with advice or suggestions. 

Giving them the protection of a house wall can help enormously - they get less rain and exposure to severe weather that way. Just make sure it's not the wall which is in the direction of the prevailing wind and rain though! 

my corderline is in a pot would it be ok to move it into the garage and will i have to go and water it often  from diane 

My cordies are in good, heavy pots. Last year I fleeced around the pots, loosely tied the leaves together and put them in the greenhouse. I watered probably only about once every 10 days or so, and they were perfectly fine when I took them out again. 

This is year I have also got a large green one and a load of different palms, all in pots so I shall be doing the same with them this year. 


and now I will go and watch the video lol

Hello Diane

Your Cordyline should be ok in the garage.....does it have a window?  won't need watering.


You should only need to cover the Cordyline (australis) if we are forecast -5 or less for days on end (2010 comes to mind). Covering them up now till April is not necessary. Just fleecing the crown is all that is needed for short bursts of cold less than -5C. The taller the Cordyline the lower the temps it tends to take. If you have any half-hardy Cordyline (Banksi) then you do need to fleece at temps below -3C.

It's the wet too though.  Cold and wet is potentially fatal to cordylines over winter

We live in Denver, Co - will the Cordyline make it thru the winter?  What do we need to do, cover it, trim it down or what?


They struggle with wet conditions Irma - a combination of wet and cold isn't ideal for them. They're not fully hardy everywhere in Britain - ok in sheltered urban areas, and mainly in the south, although some coastal areas in the west and south have a micro climate which means they can grow happily enough - the soil is often more suitable in those areas too - sandier and free draining.

It would depend on what your temps normally get to in winter. Long periods of sub zero temps aren't good either, so they'd need some protection if you get those sorts of conditions.  


No Suzanne.

cordylines are survivors at root level.  Often if top is frosted or "killed" the root system is fine snd will send up suckers. 

Irma, yes cover your cordyline over winter if you normally get severe conditions.  

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