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I'm having my first attempts at growing mini italian plum tomatoes this year. Any advice,i.e do i pinch out side shoots etc please ! :-)
Yes we had a heat wave last week! and i had to water newly planted flowers & veg. I am presently watching gardeners world and Jo swift said that the danger of frost was now past!, as i am looking at SNOW on Elerkin the large hill in front of my house. This country's great last week i stayed at home and had a summer to rival the south of France today we are back to an English January. Will my plants really cope with these two extremes within 24/48 hours ?? It looks really strange with trees in full leaf and snow on the ground unfortunately my camera battery is flat. so i am willing it to charge up before dark.
i am trying to grow potatoes for the first time, yesterday the weather changed to heavy rain and battering winds. My potatoe stalks and leaves have been blown over and are flat and limp - will they come back or should i try to support them? can anyone help
Hi Sandra, are you growing earlies or main crop? Generally if you had "earthed up" the potatoes then this should have protected the plants and they should recover without the need of support, also if you are growing earlies then I would have thought the crop is nearly ready for digging up!!!
Hello everyone i'm also growing potatoes for the first time and evet timerything is going well i doubt that the potatoe plants were complaining bout the weather i wasn't,ehehhehe scorching heat wave in the west of ireland last few weeks, but we are back to mild weather now and i followed gardeners world advice and sprayed the plants with copper fungicide agains't blight.could anyone tell me when its the right time for digging my first tatoes out,and should i keep spraying every two weeks till then????????????regards


Hello everyone! I'm growing peas for the first time and being busy and all i left my raised beds of vegetables alone for a few days and today i went back for a bit of watering and i noticed that my pea plants that are about 10cm tall were all twisted and curled agains't each other.will they die like this??????should i provide each plant with support??????please advice thank you
Hi everyone! Litlle story of personal success in gardening! 7pm back home after crap day at work recession etc,had dinner with wife and 3 week old daughter great after went outside for a bit of watering on my first time planted fruit and veg and to my surprise while i was watering my strawberrie plants i found a fairly nice well grown strawberrie hiden underneat the foliage,i cut it off couldn't resist it and run to the house and shared the washed strawberrie with the wife mmmmhhhhhh the best ever.i think the visitors tought i was a weirdo,so much fuss over a strwberrie.but it was my first one since i've planted them in april,regards
There are actually traps to catch them. Whether there are any humane versions I don't know.
The first home grown strawberry will probably be one of the best things that you and your family ever eat, long may it continue!!
Has anyone else had their entire veg plot, and flowerbeds, and trees, and shrubs etc destroyed in a matter of minutes by yesterday's hail? We had about 2 inches of the stuff, it's completely shredded everything :(
Anj Poor you! No significant hail damage this year, but on occasion in the past. I suggest you try to remove anything seriously damaged, then gove everything a feed and hopefully most of the plants will rgow out of the damage.
Please can you tell me if too late to plant potatoes. Also when can I pick my beetroot.
Hi Anj, Yes i had my complete vegetable plot destroyed by hail damadge..hoping it re grows..does anybody know how tgo protect against hail damadge...would plastic sheeting work? and is it good for the plants
Have just been out to water all my veg etc in greenhouse to discover that the lavender hedge that i have grown from cuttings is covered in rosemary beetle!!! Lavender was the only plant that the pesky rabbits dont chomp. Boo hoo. Cant spray as dont want to hurt bees and too close to greenhouse! Woe is me!I live in surrey.
Hail down in parts of Hampshire earlier this week too, but luckily we escaped. I suppose you could use plastic sheeting and it would work but the problem would be ,making sure that it was removed promptly as polythene over plants when the sun comes out again would be potentially fried-alive-disaster at this time of year. If it were a recurrent problem I'd settle for fleece or very fine mesh


We had quite a storm here over the weekend, it came from nowhere, wind rain and hail stones. Did a bit of damage, by the amount of plums I have been given, a lot of fruit must have come off the trees. Within a day the ground baked hard and I have had to fork over to allow the next shower to penetrate, forecast says we could have showers, but we shall see. Anyways its back up to 34 in the shade here in Mindya Bulgaria.
Can anyone tell me what onions should look like when they are ready for havesting? Thanks.
Hi All, I'm new to gardening and for a couple of years now grown the normal Tomatoes, Peppers and Chillies in the conservatory. This year I bought myself a new Greenhouse yippee! no more complaining from my wife about 'your' plants.Ok, the question. I have heard/read that sweet-corn should be grown in groups for cross pollination purposes. However this was after I plant 2 in the same large pot in my newly acquired Greenhouse. Both have 2 large cobs on them now and seem to be doing well. I feed them at the same time as feeding my tomatoes. Is there any reason why I should only plant outdoors. I live in the Scottish borders town of Innerleithen. Thanks for reading this any any tips on my sweet-corn would be most welcome! Phil

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