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Hi Pippa. I know that white rabbit feeling - the nights are drawing out even though it is snowing and the greenhouse still looks like Armageddon! I will have to start my seeds off in the conservatory this year; what seeds to you sow early ie now?
What a relief to hear that even an expert can be spectacularly disorganised! Maybe I shan't be so discouraged by Bob Flowerdew's assertion that the difference between a good and an indifferent gardener is six weeks.
Don't you think that Daffs are the prettiest things I don't think there is one that I would think boaring no matter what colour they turn out to be not even the pink ones that some people find so unacceptable. I love them all with their lovely frilley trumpets.
Never mind the daffodils Pippa. I'm waiting for my expanding collection of snowdrops to appear. I was getting very excited last week but those emerging beautiful white heads are now under 8" of snow! Roll on Spring.


Janice : I usually start my sowings with favourites such as greenhouse tomatoes, sweet peppers, chillis and aubergines.....mmmm! Kay : Yes I have to admit I too adore daffs, perhaps it is some of the too double forms I do shy away from,.....Rip van Winkle for example!! Flower : Mostly daff bulbs go in from about September onwards but provided they have been well stored and are not going off you can get away with planting them far later .....perfect if you've just picked up some bargains in the garden centre!
Ruth You could try a selection of different scarer devices eg buzzing tape from old video or audio casettes tied taut nearby, suspened CDs, cat faces made from card and with marble eyes....or grow brassicas nearby and they tend to eat these in preference !!

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