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I did post once before but missed the answer, am having trouble with mares tail, the soil is loamy, no clay, I have dug and dug them out, but they come back with a vengence. This is not my garden but one I do as a favour for a handicapped family, so would appreciate any help and useful suggestions. Thanking you.
Hi this my first lotty, we had a great crop of potatoes,pes,cabbage,broad beans runnerbeans my carrots had a good crop, but when i tried them raw they they did not taste very good and where very woodie in texture has anyone got any ieda what is wrong many thanks luvu2008
Some of my Leylandi have developed brown spines on the tips of the branches. Is this a fungus? Is there a cure?
Best suggestions please as how to start on a new allotment covered in grass. Should i hire a rotovator or a tiller. Doing all by hand is not an option


I have a large establsihed cherry trree in my frint garden. Can anyone recommend anything that will grow beneath it? The soil is very dry. The majority of the ground is new top soil, although beneath is heavy clay but this does not seem to help moisture retention. I think the only solution are drought resistant plants - any suggestions?
Our village (Hepworth) also has a garden trail, every other year. Thankfully, given the rain, this is an "off" year! We are already planning for 2008 - do come if you are in Yorkshire! We have over a dozen, sometimes more, gardens of all sizes. We manage to raise quite a bit of money for the Church in the process so everyone benefits.

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