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My Husband and I went to the show for the first time this year and we had a fabulous day out! There was so much to see and learn (Hubby found out what was wrong with his tree fern) The NEC was clean, well organised and a pleasure to stoll around. Taking my sister next year I can't wait!!!!
We were there on Friday - what a wonderful day, it was almost too much to take in in one day. I now have so many new ideas to help in my aim to grow more veg and fruit. People had time to answer questions and share their experiences. Roll on 2010
Congratulations BBC! After two disasterous shows which had me going in circles trying to find particular stands, as the numbering system didn't flow, this year worked!(Got so angry in 2007 that missed 2008) The bright yellow carpeting and green drapes lifted the usually dark and cave-like halls, so that it was for the first time a pleasure to wander round. However it would have made life easier if the false walls dividing sections had been marked on the map.(dotted lines?) Still not enough time to see everything & had to miss gardens,but I did find the societies I was looking for.And actually looking forward to 2010.Well done for getting it right!
how do I find the new pull up supports for climbing plants in pots which was on flower show last week
Send a Cow were there and we had such a good time with our own garden! (which had loads of tips about how the keyhole garden enables families in Africa to grow veg all year round) We were really pleased we won a silver award - We've put up lots of pictures from the day and of our garden - (Send a Cow Blog) Thanks for everything :-)


Great show.I enjoy every moment of Gardeners World,but I missed Alys explaining how to use comphrey as a fertilizer! I have a comphrey plant,do I just soak the leaves and the flowers? Frustrated!
Sorry but compared with the first years we visited the show we thought the gardens were very poor. I know I may be a bit spoiled by Chelsea but also by earlier G. World shows. Enjoyed the Food Show and some of the plants stalls.
superb show,we were there on wed and thursday,spent a fortune,but got some lovely plants and ideas,so nice to see and hear monty don,he also had time to answer my question on composting,cant wait to set up my free gift off `gardeners world mag`aoto watering system.roll on 2010
This was the first time my Husband and I had attended due to the fact that he has recently retired. As I am disabled and use a scooter,I would like to say that the parking was well sign-posted and easy to get to. The show itself was brilliant, although very tiring for me as I was 'on edge' all the time negotiating peoples' legs and those trolleys which EVERYONE seemed to be using!! Mind you, I would probably have invested in one had I needed to. We broke our visit into two days,Friday in the Garden section and Saturday in the Food. I personally think you definitely needed two days too!!! My Husband was thrilled to see the Hairy Bikers in the flesh. I loved the flower displays and the garden with the plants in all sorts of containers, such as tyres, etc.. We came away laden with samples, very tired but extremely happy with our two day visit. Will definitely do it again!!.
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nice reading about the show, as I can't get there myself, was good to hear other peoples thoughts on the day out.
For 'Anonymous' - are you talking about the spiral plant supports that were featured on the TV show? There seem to be a few different options - try googling 'spiral plant support' and a lot comes up. Also there's a How To project on this site for how to create your own:

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