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Maureen Mooney
I assumed this was for gardeners. Verdun is using it to rant about refugees. His post is headed Compassion..

Maureen we have chat threads as well as gardening ones posted under different categories and as long as people adhere to the forum guidelines / rules  it doesn't just have to just be about gardening. 

This is fast becoming silly now 



Verdun x

I know KEF.  Some comments from people I have advised too   


since Daniel is away how did my thread get locked?  

Ok Snow .  Will I get a mars bar if I'm good? 

Hazel -1

I"m still waiting for the plant name............. 

Hazel -1

Verdun is getting some special plants delivered- I couldn't find name he gave.......( was he joking?????)  So, I am still waiting for the name of........

Shhhh Tetley.  been teasing Hazel just a little 

good topic for a thread Tetley.  Probably worth setting a few ground rules

.  Judging by my postbag I have a fair support here.  Wish more had posted on the forum though 


Just to say that I support you on here Verdun, even though I did send you a long PM about it.  

Hazel -1

I'll support you Verdun if you tell me the name ....of..your....plant lol!!!!!!!!

Yes, we should start a thread called........Name That Plant ....ha ha!

Hazel -1

Yes, Tetly, you are probably right! He is really sending me round some upstairs and downstairs and a few bends thrown in too..

Hazel -1

Tetley, we should have a game of hang man with him- get it out of him that way lol!!!!!!,


Verdun has always been a fantastic help to me. My password has changed, as I'm using a different email. But the 60 maybe a clue??

Hey! what a surprise. lovely comment and greatly appreciated 


Well I think you are lovely Verdun, and this forum a welcome relief when the garden too wet to do anything but swim in (whatever we talk about).

Hey!  Wot is this?  Thanks a lot 

Hazel -1

Oi fink Verdie is luverly too......!