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Little irises only bloom once? Really? My purple ones have just reappeared in my neglected Cambridgeshire garden for the fourth or fifth year. the Iris Danfordiae have, however, sunk without a trace. Ah, well, the lord giveth and the lord taketh away, and jolly glad I am that he doesn't take it all away; it saves a powerful lot of money.
I have miniture Iris in a large pot that come up every year,mind you my garden gets freezing, they think they are at home. back to Wisley what a delight the place is whatever time of year.
fairweather girl, if you plant Iris danfordiae really deep it comes back every year. About 9 inches/22cm. Amazing that a small flower comes up from so far down, but it does.
James, What does Rosemoor have to offer? Seeing I am from Ireland, Any insight about the place would be great Thanks, Aanee xxxx


Aanee: THe RHS website for Rosemoor is here: It is is lovely Devon countryside as well.
Now, Hortbuddy, right now. Drop whatever you are doing and go to Rosemoor (for a start!)

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