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Flowering can sap plants of their strength, so always cut away flower stems at their base as soon as they develop. You don't want rhubarb wasting energy on forming flowers. Keep watering clumps with a liquid feed to encourage new growth. If teh clump does appear weak then it may need lifting and dividing next winter, replanting into soil enriched with compost to help reinvigorate growth.
I am new to gardening and have just stumbled across this site!! its a wealth of knowledge cheers!!
Wonder if Roseyskeff is from the north east? Everyone around me (including me)has had a megga problem in trying to keep their rhubarb from producing masses fo flower! Having said that, the blossom count on everything, especially the Hawthorns have been marvellous. Suppose it is the standard excuse.. global warming!!!
I recently got a rhubarb plant not sure how old but as lots of big leaves and small stems can anyone advice me on how to grow it and when it is ready for stems to harvest please. Iam new to this fruit un veg growing i live in the north west.
I had some rhubarb plants on the allotment that I took over 18 months ago. Is there a time when you stop picking it as it seems to be going on all the year round. By the way I have 3 gallons of rhubarb wine bubbling away as I type and I have found some stewed rhubarb with a dash of port mixed in makes a great accompanyment for roast duck.


beware of burying your rhubarb too deeply. My husband got carried away with the mulching this year, and our rhubarb is ailing. Have unearthed them again, so fingers crossed they make a full recovery as I'd love to try the rhubarb and port recipe!
my rhubarb flowered last year so i cut the flower out this year it has flowered 3 or 4 times and the rhubarb has gone all limp and does not look nice to eat does the soil need feeding if so with what or does the corns need digging up and cutting back could some one help me please
our rhubarb, name unknown, is not very sweet when used in baking tarts etc.Can you give me name of a sweet variety?
I recently offered a friend some rhubabrb from my garden which she refused, saying you shouldn't eat it after the month of June as the concentration of Oxalic acid is too high. Is ther any truth in this?
Reply to carriek: You probably wouldn't harvest much beyond June as the stems them get tough as they age. Rhubarb leaves contain oxalic acid at any time of year, but the stems don't as far as I know. Young rhubarb stems are the best to harvest, so I would stop harvesting by June in my garden.
hi can you eat rhubarb the first year you have grown it as i have a massive big plant of follage and red rhubarb ,
Hi, I am trying to grow my rhubarb in Tenerife. At the moment the temp is high and am protecting the plant from the afternoon sun and wind which is hot. Its still quite new and in its first year, I could do with some tips to keep it free from bugs and also keeping it in good growing order with the amount of water to give it so that a. I don't over water or b, underwater when the leaves and stalks droop. Would I be better with a forcing jar, at the monent its in a large bucket. Can anyone advise.
Yes I am looking for the same answer. Suely there must be someone out there who knows the answer. Thanks
Can anyone tell me whether I can compost large rhubarb leaves? I've been given conflicting advice from books ,so wonder if Monty Don uses them on his super heap? Iknow about the oxalic acid content in leaves-but is this broken down in the composting process? Thanks in anticipation!


My rhubarb flowered early this year and then I didnt get any more stems - anyone know why

My rhubarb has started producing very red, almost purple, leaves this year. Does anyone know why this would happen?

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