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Taste buds do seem to deteriorate with age, my 90 year old mother has complained all year that the vegetables grown in her garden, have no flavour, whilst everyone else thinks they are great. In the case of rhubarb, I truly believe it is the nastiest thing one could grow in the garden, and maybe taste bud failure could be an advantage when consuming it.
Replanted a rhubarb crown which was'nt doing well. Was able to pull half a dozen stalks and made some rhubarb crumble. Ate it with homemade custard lovely treat. Think you are missing out HeavyHourse.
This is really NOT about HOW to grow Rhubarb. Gotta find it somewhere else. DISAPOINTING
I have had the same rhubarb plant growing in my garden since I moved in 18 years ago, but this year, just as I was planning to lift and split the crown, it flowered! If I lift and split it, will the crown continue to flower, or can I expect to harvest my rhubarb next year?
My comment yesterday seems to be lost in the ether-so here it is again! Can anyone tell me whether I can put large rhubarb leaves in my compost bin, as I have read conflicting advice,and wonder whether oxalic acid would be a problem. My bin works well and is heaving with THOUSANDS of small pink worms so I wouldn't like to poison them! Does Monty Dom put these leaves in his super compost system, I wonder?


I transplanted a few roots from my parents house that's over 40yrs old and we've had a steady crop all summer long .

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