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This feature really helpful, I did find these nasty little critters on one of my roses, I killed them, hoping now that I managed to get all of them.
We had a lot of these sawflies dancing in groups in the garden last spring. We didn't know what they were until many of our rose bushes were affected with leaf curl and we had to remove a lot of leaves. The bushes recovered well in the end. This year I am armed and ready with a bug spray which is for sawfly amongst others. What it doesn't say is when you should use it. Can the bushes be sprayed to prevent the eggs being laid or should I wait until the leaves start to curl?
Alina W

You can spray when you expect the eggs to be laid, or on first sighting of curling. That way, you will hopefully get the sawfly as they hatch and limit damage.

hiya my tea roses is dropping leaves what could this be its in a large container.
Alina W

My first thought would be dryness at the roots - are you keeping the container well watered?

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