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never ending battle all these bugs, need more of the good guys
Before using thiacloprid, imidacloprid, acetamocloprid or any other neonicotinoid pesticide, I recommed visiting the Buglife website, to read their report summarising independent research on neonicotinoids. They kill bees & other non-target insects - eg. butterflies etc. Miniscule amounts impair the ability of insect to function resulting inevitably in death. Also, seek out the fact sheets from the US environment agency -you may get a shock! We used to manage without them & can now.
I have just found these beetles on my lavender bush. I have never seen them before. are they new to this area (East Yorkshire) and what should I do about them?
Had these beetles all over my lavenders now I know what they are I will remove .baldock Hertfordshire

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