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Gardening in mild/moist climate of Devon, I noticed rust has arrived along a row of chives I grew this year. I have cut the infected chives down to ground level to avoid it spreading. Similar to Pippa I hope my leeks don't get it too.
Nothing to do with rust, but I'd appreciate some advice. I was a bit late getting in my early potatoes (due to a broken leg) and found that some were covered in very small white insects - almost like cigarette ash. A friend said it was potato eelworm, but I didn't see any evidence of cysts. Was this because I had been too late digging them up and they'd got past the cyst stage?
We had he same problem with runner beans this year as Josephine. Grew 'Armstrong' after reading GW reports-lovely beans but plants badly affected by this sooty deposit. They were near a honeysuckle plant. We grew some in pots a distance away and they are OK. Any advice welcome.
The sooty deposit on the beans sounds like sooty mould, which grows on honey dew, (sticky deposit secreted by aphids) Aphids are quite partial to new growth and flowers on honeysuckle too, so they maybe moved across! It does wash off, but to prevent it in the first place, you need to tackle your aphids!


pippa, not just pest fungi appear in the autumn, what about all the edible ones. i've got some mushroom logs on the go from, and i think i am going to have success! can't wait for my first home grown shii-take omlet!
mushroom-man, I have found another good place to buy mushrooms Mandy
Is rust fungus what I get on my runner beans every year? It is like a brown sooty deposit and makes your hands/clothes really dirty if you touch it. It does not seem to affect anything else.

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