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goodness me another fungie day, you try your best and it still get's you. thanks for reminding me, to get my finger out and start protecting my lovely plants.
Garden Maniac
I've got rust on roses, hollyhocks and apple - all in the same border! The advice makes very good sense - I've got a fungicide but was nervous to use it - I'm an organic gardener at heart, but sometimes you have to admit defeat...!
I have a tree that has developed rust spots and orange powder on the underside of the leaves over the last few weeks. the powder has fallen on to shrubs and flowers under and close to the tree. will this harm the other plants and what can I do to solve the problem?

I grow hollyhocks behind roses.  The hollyhocks always get rust but so far it hasnt transferred to other plants.  Didnt I read somewhere on here that the rust that hollyhocks get is different from the rose variety or am I having another senior moment.

I have a container rose called ruby and its been in the container for two years. The leaves at the base are tinged on the edges with brown rust colour and are curling shrivelling and dying.
Should I replant the rose in fresh soil.



Got rust on garlic and broad beans that are close together

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