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Hi All. I'm a new grower and at the moment I have some lovely tumbling toms on the go, and have just seen the first signs of my water melon ...

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Hi All. I'm a new grower and at the moment I have some lovely tumbling toms on the go, and have just seen the first signs of my water melon seeds popping up in the propagator. My Dahlias are appearing too. Has anyone grown cucamelon? I've seen them and was wondering how easy they are. Happy growing folks :)
tomatoe seeds up.dianthus pricked out,many more on way,but still to cold really,march forecast is for more cool weather

Malope which were only sown on Sunday are already showing. Dianthus and Snap Dragon not showing yet. Chillies, Aubergines and leeks also sown but not expecting them to show for at least another week or two.

Hi.  I've got a packet of cucamelon seeds and i am waiting patiently to sow them.  It says to sow in April and treat as a cucumber.  My daughter's favourite food is cucumber and this is a project to please her!

I have the first showing of Exochorda macrantha "The Bride"; will this display the same beauty as Gaura lindheimeri 'The Bride'?


Wow great that everyone's up and running already! You're quite right though Andy - it's more cool weather on the way so they say. I think we may be in for a late spring (not that that's stopping me - never had much common sense when it comes to sowing at this time of year!)

@Smurf and RobMagMum - I've got some cucamelon seeds too, can't wait to try them. It's far too early to sow yet (even for me!) so I'm waiting till April and putting them in along with the courgettes and cucumbers.

@Raymond - Exochorda is a shrub, rather a beautiful one at that: I've never heard of it being raised from seed. Are you sure you've got the right name there? White flowers are about all that it and the Gaura have in common... both gorgeous plants though.

Nice to see some of you started already iam growing on the window ledge tomatoes peppers mixed lettuce rocket aubergine cucumber courgette already showing signs of coming through.

I sowed some Dahlia seedslings yesterday, and put them in the airing cupboard, hoping they'd germinate by April. All 90 of them had roots this morning. I'm a bit stuck now, as I don't have a frost free greenhouse, and they will not last on a windowsill for all of that time. Very exciting though!
I have sown seeds in the house for brussels, leeks, onions, sweet peas and parsnip, as well as tomatoes.....all are doing well so I will pot them on this weekend but as my greenhouse is not heated, should I take extra precautions before putting them in there? My sweet peas are about 4/5 inches high in organic pots so I can plant it all straight into the prepared ground.....too early?
Oakley Witch
My cerinthe are all potted is my cornflowers..artichoke and mugwort. All doing great. Foxgloves, seaholly, sweat peas and delphs to be potted on this weekend
I've sown my first lot of tomato seeds, which were black cherry toms, next will be the gardeners delight. I've also sown my chillies, peppers, and cucumbers all indoors in the humid fish tank room :)

They will be going in the green house once they've germinated, to be replaced by the next lot of tomato seeds.

In the unheated greenhouse itself i've sown my hardy annuals like nigella, corncockle, cornflower etc. I'll be sowing my carrots, lettuce, spinich, peas etc in modules this weekend. I've already got ft high broad beans in there which will be being planted out soon.

Although more work than planting direct in the soil, it seems you get much more consistent results from underglass sowings of many crops. When monty was bemoaning his carrots on GW i was busy harvesting lovely carrots in the cold wet north! And this will be only my second season of growing veg.

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