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How long do carrots take to show in the ground. I keep looking but can's see anything yet. I planted the seeds about 2 weeks ago.
I have a Victoria Plum tree in a pot, which has had to be placed in a bigger pot with soil round it to stop it getting blown over in the wind. Is it ok to plant Onion in the big pot around the Victoria Plum Tree?
Did you know that if you have a split branch on a young fruit tree or such like. If you take a handfull of willow whithies, twist them round to hold them together and bind them securely around the damaged branch area creating a form of bandage, and tuck the ends around to hold the banage of whithies in place. Leave the whithies in situe untill you see the branches healing and holding firm. I found this out once when a young dog managed to damage a fruit tree. My knowledge that willow has natural healing properties for pain killing gave me the idea and it worked, the branch stayed healed and although one could see a small scar where the break had occured there was no further problems. Remember to remove the willow bandage once the join is secure. I have tried this method a few times since and it normally works provided you can make the repair whilst the damage is fresh and the whithies are young and flexable.
Aileen talking about carrots, I grew my carrots in the autum and still have not seen any. so I might think you have to wait a bit longer.
Carrots- I put small plastic polly tunnels over mine and they came through after 10 to 14 days I've also done this with beetroot and they came through quickly and when I put my onion sets in I put a polly tunnel over them, my onions are brilliant the polly tunnels were only £1 each from the poundland shop, my friend also tried them on her onions because the birds kept pulling them out and now they're growing great although her parsnips have not come through at all.


Hi All I just started to get interested in garden, and I am thinking why did I leave this long to get myself into garden? I have got my garden ready to plants some plants and vegetable, but I do not know much about gardening, hence going thro' online gardening advice, I have also planted some herbs, tomatoes and chilles, about 4 weeks ago, but I dont seem to have much luck! As none of them have grown :( Am I doing anything wrong? This has sort of put me off to grow anything else.
Hi! Newbee gardener, good idea to visit a few open gardens in your area, you will find the things that will like your soil. it is trial and era with some things, once you get the hang of it and are patient,all gardeners have to be patient, things will start to happen, and you will have loads of fun.
my onions are coming up well had to put them back in a few times i have them covered with netting so i know it isn,t birds do they grow half in and half out the soil? do i need to keep earthing them up to keep them covered or should i just leave them alone ?
hi all, i put carrot seeds into a 30 inch round pot, 3 weeks ago, they are doing fine, about 1 inch green shoots now, very simple to grow, i put some brocoli in the garden a few weeks ago, they have had some hammer from the wind, but seem ok.
Hi all I have bought some beetroot seedlings, as we are a bit short of space would it be alright to plant them in between the rows of onions ? We have also bought a family apple tree containing 3 graftings - Winter Gem, Lord Lambourn and Elstar If the bees are kind and flit from one to another will the one tree propagate itself so to speak.
Hi there, Can anyone tell me if I'm wasting my time. I want to grow all brassicas, but I'm not sure if they will grow here. I live in on the costa blanca, Spain, we don't really have any frosts. My seedlings look lovely and healthy, I have prepared the ground well 3 months ago with well rotted horse manure. We have erected white shade cloth over the beds. The air temp does get up into the late 30s, will they grow? Thanks for all your good tips.
Hi I planted my onions in sept and they are growing fine but this week I noticed that some are beginning to seed what shound I do?
I have some leeks growing from seeds in pots. Whilst they are now about 2/3 inches high they are still very thin. I have about 10 per pot, should I transplant into 1/2 leeks per pot. I have read somewhere that leek roots are very tender and I don't want to damage them but they are still way too small to plant out. I thought if I repotted they will have room to grow larger before planting out. also, I have read that peas should be sprayed with fenitrothion when flowering to stop maggots. Does anybody know a trade name for this?
I asked about the value of covering planted seed of carrots and beetroot with fleece to encourage germination, prevention of carrot root fly and preventing blackbirds digging holes. I have not heard a dickybird from anybody since. Nobody seems to be interested so I have gone and done it!


I have recently planted about five rows cabbages,however they have been eaten by wood pigeons and only the stalks are left.If I plant more can you tell me which is the best way to protect them from the birds.
We have planted red onion sets on our allotment and have noticed that there are small larvae in the above ground part between the leaves. I’m assuming this is the leaf moth/ minor that ruined our leeks last year but I wasn’t expecting it to effect the onions. We live in Staffordshire and I know this is an affected area. I’m wondering if the onion bulb will be affected or whether to to give up and dig them up now ? My daughter and I are planted 100 sets together and we will be gutted if we lose them
I don't think it is the birds pulling up your onion sets, it is more likely to be the vigorous development of the roots that pushes the oninon up. I have the opposite problem with my garlic, after a few months, having set them just below soil level they often have buried themselves 4 inches below ground. How is this? Is the roots pulling them down? Can we have both ways. Also is there any advice on what I should do if my garlic goes seed?
Busy Bee I've planted cabbage out at the beginning of this week I grew them from seed and planted them individually first in pots in the green house they had great roots and now they're in a large long veg boxes with canes pushed in at different angles and twisted willow twigs over and around them . The pigeons haven't bothered them and we have a lot around here.