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Many dahlia varieties have just started flowering, while some dwarf bedding varieties have been in bloom for a few weeks. However, it could still take a few weeks for some dahlias to come into flower, especially tall varieties with large blooms. Dahlias started late in spring will also flower a little later. Be patient. I'm sure they will start flowering in August, and hopefully continue well into autumn. Deadhead regularly, and give a liquid feed to boost gowth.
I too have these two faced Dahlias - I thought I had something very rare as I have gardened for many, many years (I am 81 years old), and I have never seen anything like this before. So I had better just go back to my garden and do some work as it would seem my double faced Dahlia wont make me a millionaire after all!
Thanks Elizabeth. And I thought mine was unique! I wonder how common this is, and whether other people have seen it in previous years? When strange things like this happen, and flowers develop abnormally, this can be called fasciation. A shock of some sort, or damage to the growing bud, causes abnormal growth. I know for certain that no hormone weedkillers have been used in my garden, so this can't be the cause. What do you think?
you would think that having just finished a RHS level 2 certificate in horticulture that i would no what the dahlia is in my garden but i dont. but what i will say is that its a very larg plant standing in at over 5ft and the flowers are the size of dinner plates. they are of a very pale lemon yellow with a faint pink blemish on the tips of the petals. its a stunning plant and looks like a cactus variety of some sort,i just wish i could show you...
I don't have a two faced dahlia but last year I had a two faced echinacea, just one bloom on the whole plant, I put it down to damage during the bud formation.


Hello Adam, I have a pink azalea in a pot and would like to put in 3 campanulas as suggested for your spring containers,as there are different varieties of campanulas could you please advise of the best one to buy. Regards Tom.
hi all! i had a tulip stem with 2 flowers on it much like 2 headed dahlias some of you had.
I was very interested to read all the previous comments, especially the last one, as I have a three headed tulip on one stem just about to flower.
Please can someone help with my Azalea? It only has clusters of leaves at the ends of the stalks - the rest of the stalks are bare. I'm afraid if I prune there will be nothing left as it doesn't appear to be forming any buds up the stems.
I had double faced yellow dahlias about 45 years ago, when I was a teenager. These were grown from seed. I failed to keep the tubers, so lost the strain. I often wondered if this condition was commonly occurring, thinking it would be wealth producing, but reading the above convinces me I didn't lose much.
hi everyone i was amazed the other day when i commented about my 3 headed tulip on one stem i had in the spring to my allotment friends. no one beleived me untill i showed them the picture i had of it on my phone. is this a rare ?????

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