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Where have all my nasturtiums gone? Shouldn,t these self seed, they do in my daughters garden.
I need to organise my new garden including considering moving lots of species that have bloomed and need moving, can you suggest a good design idea for me please, i have a variety of plants/flowers/roses/rhodendruns/camelias/peonys and lots and lots of bedding plants, please help
I also have some unexpected plants appear in my garden, especially under the wild bird seed feeder. I have had sunflowers, oats and, um, if I am not they still put hemp seed in the wild mixes?!
I planted calendula in my garden this year for the first time. I used up two whole packets of seeds so my garden will be full to the brim with orange blooms. I didn't know they self-seeded; I can't wait for next year to see what comes up!
I have a Aqulegia bed in my allotment,I (just grow flowers and fruit) and next year I would like to move them. When would be the best time or would you pot them on now?


Ferns???? I have garden that has soooo many ferns its ridiculous, I am guessing that they do self seed?? How do I get rid, please can anyone help? Many thanks, Rach

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