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Hi James! It should be noted that sheep can be quite DESTRUCTIVE. They tend to yank the plants they feed on up from the roots (killing the plant) and their sharp little hooves can further a pastures destruction. We actually had "range wars" over here in the US, with sheep being dubbed "range maggots" by cattle farmers. My people were sheep farmers that ended up giving them up and going to cattle in the 20's because a great-great uncle was shot and killed by cattlemen. And the wars were heating up and cattle were winning the day. If you can't beat them, join them... Sheep are cute and fun to watch, but not so good for the land...
Hello James Enjoyed reading your blog about sheep. I think they are wonderful creatures, they produce beautiful woolly lambs who frolic and gambol in the meadows. On a hot summer night the sheep can be heard baaing in the fields a very relaxing sound. They keep the sheep dogs in work being rounded up and moved from barn to field. Overall I think sheep are underated and I do enjoy lamb and mint sauce but that is another story.
This blog reminds me of the zebras and wildebeest who graze together because it is beneficial to both species. They do not poach each others food as their mouth parts are quite different. I am sure farmers still have a lot to learn from nature,James, just as we gardeners have.
Also hill pastures (being hilly) drain better. ???????? Sorry this is a silly statement!!! the rest of your blog is good. but have obviously not been on the boggy moorland with its combination of peat haggs and seasonal springs keeping the land spongy or tried to make hay in the penines,let alone garden it. however its good to give our sheep & Cattle some recognition !!! they & their management over centuries have formed much of our english landscape.
Thank you James, A timely reminder of the part those little baa lambs play in helping to build meadows rich in wild flowers. I have just the project in the pipeline ....are you psychic?


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