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My snowdrops loved being under the snow, Pippa, and are giving a lovely display already. I reckon they are three weeks early. In my woodland garden crocosmia is up about two inches and the bluebells an inch. The cold weather is set to return tomorrow so I shovelled (well,trowelled) some of the autumn leaves as a mulch on them and anything else I felt worried about. The bulbs in the cold frame are at the same stage as the ones outside which were buried under the snow so I'll have to rethink the use of the cold frame if these winters continue, Winter salads perhaps?
I've had the same problem as you, Pippa, my bulbs are only just starting to poke above the soil, even the crocuses, but all of my different clematis cultivars are sprouting away like crazy already, whereas this time last year they were still dormant. This weather's freaky and as a gardener it's hard to predict how it will affect this year's plans for the garden. I enjoy your blog, thanks for writing it!
There is a garden near me with a shrub that is so fragrant in December that it knocks your socks off. A viburnum or a Daphne? I don't know what it is. BUT , this year it only flowered last week - a full three weeks later than usual. But oh it's glorious. Whatever it is, I want a cutting!
This has reassured me in a way, as I was getting slightly anxious about my daffodil bulbs which haven't yet made an appearance. Am so looking forward to seeing them flower.
Down in the Channel Islands the daffodils seem much earlier than usual with most hedgerows displaying them in full bloom. Seed potatoes going in tomorrow (Jersey Royals) and rhubarb unfurling leaves. Feels hopeful despite returning to very cold temps. today.


My bulbs are just showing through but my neighbour has aconites twinkling like jewels in her grass. So much to look forward to in spring. can't wait to see what has survived the freezing weather. Sadly can't look forward to GW as I will miss Toby and Alys.I will not be watching as I find Monty so boring. Had to give up the magazine too on principle. Still at least I can rely on spring in the garden to give me pleasure.
I haven't seen any evidence of Daffs coming through the ground at Southend on sea. Blogging on Gardeners' world is more fun than doing my coursework at College
The small Welsh daffodils in Bristol have buds on them. The sun has shone all day on the snowdrops,crocuses and cyclamen. It felt like summer working in the garden today, far less spring. Only a flash in the pan, I know, but oh so lovely.
my crocus in the grass have just come into flower. my bulbs are also popping thier heads; with the trees, shrubs and clematis coming into bud. the only problem being the neighbourhood cats digging up my beds and uprooting some of the young srubs and breaking the heads off the bulbs, lol.
One which is easily obtained and flowers early, usually from Dec. in Bristol, is Galanthus elwesii - no yellow markings but grey-green large leaves and large flowers. It does well if not allowed to dry out in the summer and soon gives a lovely show.
I'm still a bit of a novice gardener and am confused as to what constitutes early, mid and late spring when carrying out various jobs in the garden. Would appreciate some guidance please.
My daffodils are just starting to poke through but there's no sign at all of the crocuses. I am in Staffordshire so we do tend to be about 3 weeks later than the south coast. Hyacinths are already quite advanced much to my surprise. So I agree, the garden doesn't seem at all sure what it wants to do or where it is in the year!
My daffodils planted in the garden are appearing now but for the second year running the bulbs planted in pots have rotted .I added extra crocks for drainage and more grit to the compost but to no avail . Having had no failures to speak of for nearly thirty years I'm at a loss as to know why this is happening.Incidently I have moved house from southern England to the Shropshire /Cheshire borders ?
I live in wales near the english border and i've also had the same problem with bulbs in my hanging baskets. It could be because of the amount of snow or frost we have had this winter it could be alot colder where you live now. Hope i have helped you.


I wonder if anybody could help me? I have got tulips daffodils and crocuses in my raised beds but something is eating them but can't see any slugs or anything obvious.
The mid-, early- late-soring (or any other season come to that!) thing can be extremely confusing, and really it is best to go by what you see and feel and how the weather actually is where you are - the variation is immense from area to area and year to year! Bulbs disappearing with no signs of who did it, are often the result of mice or squirrels, could this be possible?
My snowdrops started coming in to flower yesterday, a week or so later than they usually do. I am after some different varieties this year, particularly ones with yellow markings. Can anyone recommend some good ones please??

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