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how odd as today i was doing some gardening and i was clearing up around my pond and i noticed loads and loads of what i thought was frogspawn but without the black dot in the middle,so it must have been snail eggs ....
This is my first winter working on an allotment and want to sow green manure. Have scoured many garden centres but can't find any of the seeds, recommended by Monty, such as rye grass. Who knows where I can purchase some.


please could you tell me how to stop earwigs from killing my roses. I have tried everything, all sorts of bug sprays but nothing seems to work.
hi ya i have found what looks like a lily bettle but it is green could you tell me what this might be i havent noticed any damage yet it is on my rudabeckia thing ive spelled that incorectly there is three so far be so grateful for your input
mitch,green fingers is right it is probably a juvenile sheild bug (they look very different from the mature ones) & are harmless. for the green manure mustard or land cress are a good sub & the seeds are available in wilkinsons.earwigs-fill a small pot with straw place upside down on a cane regularly inspect & squash any lurking earwigs or live & let live
Thanks for that, I was wondering what thing would grow from the clump off eggs I found the other week.
Is it ok to plant foxgloves on my allotment they won't poison my vegetables will they?
Green Manure is found sometimes in your local Garden Centre thats where i found it last year. I have found lots of slugs with eggs this year i put them in a bin then take them all to the tip when i have loads.
Thanks for the article. I'd found a bunch of these last week, didn't know what they were but threw them anyway! Glad I did. Earwigs - put a little washing up liquid in water in a spray bottle and squirt it at them whenever you see them. Works a treat!


I bought a Lupin Tree at a summer fete, Can anyone advise me hoe to look after this plant. is it winter hardy, does it need sun or shade and does it need to be cut down for the winter
Mary, your tree lupin was a good buy as it will add nitrogen to your soil. It likes a sunny position and grit added to the soil if your soil is heavy. It is winter hardy and I should not cut it back this year but you can after it flowers next year and it will give you a second flush of flowers.
I noticed a significant drop in slug activity. I found out why yesterday while faffing about in the garden I found a gigantic toad under my rhubarb. The previous day I found the biggest frog I've ever seen. I guess the new pond is paying dividends.
Had to chuckle that an article on slug eggs is posted in the "Grow and Eat" section. Eeew!