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Wild life mating can be very fascinating. i have two collar doves which kiss beaks for ages before mating on next door's roof! The time od day does not seem to bother them but we will all have to get up very early to watch the slugs it seems. After all that gymnastics how can people step on their offspring?
I saw in my garden late yesterday afternoon a lot of dragonflies whizzing back and forth and wondered why. Is this the time for something I haven't noticed before. I live on the Isle of Wight and the weather has been lovely for the last few days.
"when two receptive slugs meet" Now there's an interesting thought Richard. I wonder what the chat-up line is?
I have never seen slugs or snails mating but I used to keep the large garden snails as a child and found a chalk 'arrow' in their jar one morning.
Please could we have a repeat of Gardener's World say on a Sunday morning as we are not all able to watch on Friday evening. It would be greatly appreciated.


Re; message 4, much depends on your latitude, according to Steve Jones, Professor of Genetics - slugs do not mate above Preston, Lancs. Above that they are self sexual?
Re; message 4, snails can reproduce without a word that seems to be blocked by the system. According to Steve Jones, Professor of Genetics - above a latitude of around Preston Lancs. They remain single.
Haha. I like this post. There has definitely been some slug acrobatics in my garden recently. My hostas have turned into doilies. Elspeth Briscoe
Richard - Good news! Looking at you're pic's. I'd say that you have either Leopard or Netted slugs. Do you record sightings?
Reply to Lila Great idea for a competition. So, slug chat-up lines: "Fancy hanging about".
Another query about slugs. The other morning I found a slug indoors (happens sometimes) which looked as if it was dying. I put it outside and the next morning it was still there, I moved it with my foot and lots of stuff like curdled egg came out of a hole in its back. Is this some kind of parasite's eggs? Nothing wriggled like worms.
Reply to Jillyflower This is another mating act I have never observed, but snails use these calcified 'love darts' as some sort of stimulus. It's a mysterious and fascinating world under our feet.

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