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I have just started a vedge garden and my runner beans have a lot of the bud stalks neatly bitten off, would this be slugs/snails or birds. Ray Richardson
I have been pleasantly surprised this year in that I have had very little trouble with slugs on my Hostas. I did put down pellets in May, just once. The only reason I can think of is that the Hostas were planted under my new rose bushes which have been regularly sprayed with a proprietary rose pest spray. I wonder whether it is likely that the spray has fallen on to them and the slugs do not care for the taste.
I put nemaslug on my garden last year and it saw off all the slugs, I was so pleased that I have again put it on this year, just last week, and yes, it does kill snails too although when I spoke to the supplier they are not allowed to advertise it as such. I agree, stabbing them seems rather cruel. Alternatively, get a jam jar, a quarter fill with beer, (drink the rest), and the next morning empty the dead slugs out of it, replacing the beer. Do be aware that foxes love the beer though, I have several visit me each night, 2 are hand fed, although they scatter if anyone else goes near them.... but they dig up the jars for the beer.
Please be aware slug pellets are highly toxic to cats and other small creatures. They may contain a repellent, but this may not deter all.
75% of my runner bean flowers have dropped off, on investigating Ifound that a tiny black, beatle-like pest, is present in 2s and 3s in each flower. What are they and how do I make them disapear


Slugs and snails have destroyed my marigold plants and the stalks are now completley bare and brown, will they revive or have they gone forever, i am new to gardening and would love some advice
Hello, I don't have slugs but have a HUGE population of snails. Have been on a murderous frenzy the past few days, stomping and salting but can't quite bring myself to stab the things with a screwdriver as has been suggested on various chats. What can I do? I need to plant everything out very soon. I have peas, beans, sweet corn, tomatoes, kale, and chilli peppers and a few other randoms. Can I protect them? Should I plant them in containers? HELP This is my first garden, I'll be gutted if they get eaten by anything other then me!
Are nematodes harmful to hedgehogs if they eat infected slugs?

No, nematodes are naturally in the soil anyway ..they are part of the natural environment.  The idea is to increase the numbers rato to slugs.  No danger at all to anything but slugs n snails.

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