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I came across a tree that had two types of blossom.... bemused by this I investigated and found that the larger tree with white blossom was wrapped totally around the smaller tree with pink blossom. They both flower in spring and I look forward to the happening each year :) It's magical......... xxx
There is a 'husband and wife tree' at Chettle House in Dorset, it has both yellow and pink flowers dangling down together.
Am just about to take possession of some spare, bare rooted blackthorn and hawthorn bushes for the allotment which a friend didn't need. Hoping they will act as a good wind break. Can't wait, love them both and there is nothing like home-made sloe gin.
I have a plant that has turned up in my tiny garden and I don't know what it is! It's really quite attractive but need to know what to do with it. Looks like it belongs to the carrot family but its not a carrot - I have pulled some up. Not as spiky as Love-in-the-mist and no sign of any flowers yet. I'd like to post a photo but not sure how. can anyone help? Thanks.
I have found it impossible to grow hawthorne/blackthorne in may garden via cuttings though they both grow in the wild abu.dantly nearby. Is there any means of creating a h/b hedge other than by berries, peat and sand overwinter?

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