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after last summer when the evil little critters ate my entire stock of lilies - i'm afraid i went for probably the least humane way of getting rid - i was in the mood for vengeance and went out on nightly killing sprees armed with nought but a torch and a big canister of salt! i too am probably going to hell for decimating the slug population in my garden, but i really don't care!!!!
Last year we put out broken egg shells and put plant pots around the vegetables and that worked. For the plant pots we put vaseline on the rim and up it so they couldn't go up. It also worked. Hope this helps!
After watching the programme covering lily beetles that only like lilies, I found my snakes head fritillaries have been completely munched by these beasties. Are these then also classed as lilies?
Many of our courgette and tomato plants have been taken by the snails, but we came up with a guilt free method of stopping the carnage. Simply sprinkle a ring of salt around your plant pots or grow bags each night, and if the little beasties are prepared to cross it to eat your plants, then on their slimy, horned heads be it. Tis not murder, they are on a gluttony-fuelled kamikaze mission.
i have approx. half acre garden front and rear of residence. aside from what will not grow in winter i garden wholehartedly throughout spring, summer and my delight i believe my investment in 2 productive khaki campbell ducks has won my war on the terrors that comprise the garden invaders of molluscs.the flowers are not suject to scratching as would be by keeping hens, i have no need for chemical controls and the compost heap is enriched with the ducks droppings collected from their run.


How bizarre! I am growing a brilliant red Arabian Night Dahlia and huge white lilies (lillium casablanca) in pots next to each other and the exact same thing happened to my dahlia. Spooky! Maybe it's the combination, snails know too well of the white lily launching pad which guarantees a feast.

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