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m a new garner im trying to plant yellow corn but i dont know how many kernals are needed per plant when i start??? please reply to my mail
I didn't read that study but I have a British Wildlfe book which talks of 'homing' behaviour of snails marked with tippex who came back from about a mile and a half away - perhaps it was referring to the same study. Recently R4 covered the same subject but i missed it darn it. I take mine to Dartmoor, about 5 miles away, but I wish there was an easier, snail friendly solution. Not keen on sacrificing them to the birds. If I were a snail, I would object. When their heads are out, they look almost sentient and intelligent. Not that that should make any difference really, if they are suffering they are suffering, high IQ or not. I would love to hear from someone who has an answer to this problem. They eat the best bits of my garden. Are there any plants that repel snails, or make them eat less?! Or sterilise them?
How do I get rid of my Holly bush which appears to be taking over a major part of my garden. A new gardener so help is needed thanks


Ok his will sound crazy - I remember reading about a study that was done probably 10 years ago by some Uni' students. Looking into the behavior of Garden snails. Each shell was marked & they were taken to locations at various distances form the collection point - maybe 1/4, 1/2, 1 & 1 & 1/2 miles away & amazingly, many of these snails returned to where they were originally collected. Does anyone else recall this article?

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