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What will happen to my winter pansies under 6 inch of snow will I have to start again after the snow has gone.
Having planted cauliflowers on my new allotment in Autumn, so they overwinter, will they survive the snow/arctic weather? They are in mesh tunnels and are about 6" in height? I also have onions and garlic in the ground - again - will the weather kill them and should I clear snow or just leave it all be? I also inherited a rhubarb on the plot - but wasn't able to get it covered up with fleece before the cold snap. Will it survive?
The good news is that pansies under 6 inches of snow do not need regular deadheading! Cauliflower, onions, garlic and rhubarb will all start into growth again when the snow melts, so leave them alone. Take some time out to relax and build up your strenth because as soon as the snow has gone there will be so much work to do you probably won't get another rest until this time next year!
Does anyone have trouble seeing the Gardeners World Weather forecast? We use it all the time in the Spring, but at the moment, we can't seem to get it - only the page - but with no details!


AvidGardener - go to the BBC news page and click on weather and you will get next 24hrs and next 5days forecast, updated throughout the day Mon. to Friday. I have a long Persian Runner of spring flowering plants now under snow but I think they will be fine - all winter hardy varieties and no need to dead-head at the moment. Some carrots and beetroot left in the ground but heigh-ho the slugs must be getting decimated! But the weather must let up soon as I have gained 6 pounds from inactivity and drooling over seed and plant catalogues. Need the exercise of gardening badly. Can't wait to see my snowdrops.
I'm longing to see my snowdrops too and hellebores and ... I love all winter/spring flowers. This morning I saw a small area of green grass, at last.
The snow and ice is starting to melt in my garden too - so excited! I couldn't agree more LeighPorter - and garlic needs a good blast of cold weather to develop the bulbs properly - perhaps we'll all have a bumper garlic harvest in the summer?!
Artichokes and parsnips nice and cosy, not so the spinach, spring cabbage, and chard!! The garden does look like a winter wonderland but now i am looking forward to seeing all those new green shoots. The snow has made me explore my cookery books, have made bread, homemade soups,wonderful pasta dishes anything to avoid the housework
Get yourself outdoor during winter in one of my gret conservatories.
I'm not old and boring, I just like gardening, please bring back sensible and interesting programme's like the old Gardeners World. Something to look forward to and enjoy on a Friday night, otherwise it's the pub again to drown my sorrows!!!!!!!
I do agree with Mary about the lack of attention you show to gardeners further north. All your timings and advice seem to be geared to Roseland [Rest of S E England]and are weeks in advance of [or, in autumn, behind] what we need up in Scotland. Yes, I like The Beechgrove Garden, but Gardener's World could at least nod in our direction occasionally.
Does Gardener's World not extend above Leeds? As you map only appears to go that far! and when I requested adverts for Greenhouses etc they selection was over 200 miles away in the south. There may be less of us up north but we are just as interested in gardening and other things but without the snobby attitude of Londoners! -who can't be proper gardeners anyway -too many people and buildings!

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