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wouuld like to ask about olive tree do they need pruning as mine seems to have all the leaves at the end of the branches When It had lots of olives on and the birds ate them all but didnt seem to have any on last year? Also where is the best place to plant a fig tree I understand you have to have two which I have and that they should be planted together? thank you crystal2010
Dear Chris Thank you for this. Very helpful. I am about to move from this house, where we have lots of bluebells, to one where there are none. I intend to collect the seeds from the plants here, when they are ripe, to sow at the new house. How should I store them, particularly over winter? Do they need to be put in the fridge? Keith
I have bluebells all over the place in my little garden ,but I suspect they are spanish and until I have managed to rid the garden of them wouldn't like to risk them being cross bred, with these ungainly monsters.
Would have had 5 stars if you had included Subtitles for your Deaf and hard of hearing Viewers One of the Best Magazines available to day so how about setting an example to others many thanks
hi Chris i am gutted because i have tried so many times to watch your video on planting bluebell seeds at berryfields...i have dozens of plants in my garden that are all bulging with seeds lol...i have trawled the net trying to find out when to collect and how to store then sow them... please please can you help me ?? kind regards Joy


I too would like to know exactly when to sow the seeds. Late autumn, or early spring? Or does it not matter?
What time of year is it best to sow bluebell seeds? Jackie :-)

I'm just guessing here, but normally you wait untill theres no more frost before you sow directly outside. It seems the flowers will not come the first year anyway. If this doesn't work, save half the seeds and sow in the autumn, as some plants requires a cold spell to germinate I've just ordered some bluebell seeds and am anxious to see how they will turn out! Patience is a virtue woth having in gardening. Looking at the video though it looks like late spring early summer where he is sowing.

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