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I have to agree with Pippa, I am like a girl in "Barbie-Doll" heaven when I pass by a display of new seeds in local shops. This year I went a little crazy with peas, tomatoes and sunflowers !!!
Me too, a brand new packet of seeds sown sees me out at the greenhouse/garden even more than usual. What a delight gardening is... this year it's salad leaves, chillis and other peppers for me, with a healthy dose of spinach (for salads) yummy!
My Mum kindly gave me some collected seeds from last-years surfinas, but none of them have germinated. I daren't tell her! MY greenhouse is now more than packed with literally hundreds of little pots of tiny green leaves but, like you, these have all come from the "candy-packs" at the garden centre. All the cost will be worth it in the end when we have gardens flowing with colour and wonderful growth. Oh what fun!!
If I prevent my hard annuals from seeding, the flowering time last longer? But I wont have pretty flowers the following year? I bought some lupins and was hoping they last more than a year. Any tips?

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