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NO leave the chilli plants in the greenhouse and have patience ive only just had about 4 green chillies off of my plants and i have loads of plants!! don't forget they will crop right through till October so leave them where they are leave the door open on a really hot day they will be fine make sure water frequent and feed one every week/two weeks ill also keep my fingers crossed xxx
I'm a novice gardener too, what can I do to get rid of the green and brown aphids that are covering my chilli plants? I've tried picking them off and soap solution but still covered- any ideas?
This year I have successfully grown tomatoes & herbs in hanging baskets and tubs, I have also grown sweet peppers, cucumbers, carrots and runner beans, garlic, and spring onions in large tubs in my small urban garden front and back. I have now cleared a small patch at the bottom of the garden evicting my five year old as she has out grown her little play house to turn into our very own veg plot. But what can I do with all the used compost? Is it safe to reuse in the raise beds I am planning to build or should I spread it around the flower borders or add it to the compost bin? Help I am having sleepless nights as to what to do?
first time grower of peppers all going well three /four peppers on each plant feed once a week with "tomato food" some of the fruits have gone brown near the stem and gone rotten down one side of the fruit same removed what is causing this
My chilli plants are growing well, however whenever a flower appears it seems to die off and the shoot dies with it. Can any advise me? is this the norm?


I have started to grow peppers & chillies for the first time this year, they have grown well and have a large amount, however a couple of the plants that are next to each other have developed black or dark marks on the fruit that spread from the top. any advice would be very welcome. Many thanks, Mark
If the flowers fall off / die without producing any fruit, this usually means that the flowers haven't been pollenated. Stick em outside on a sunny day and the active flowers should be pollenated by passing bees etc, or you can pollenate yourself with a fine paint brush.

I'm growing chillies and peppers at the moment and whilst having lots of fruit on them, I also have the problem of them turning black after a while. Does anyone know what this means?

can someone tell me why my pepper plants went straight from flowering to seed. I can't tell you what the variety was but they had very dark purple flowers -flute shaped...growing in greenhouse! help
I have successfully grown the sweet basil, salad leaves, tomatoes and chillies from the free seed packet earlier this year. But I have one question - with the chillies and tomatoes, do you leave them on the plant until they have completely turned red or can we harvest them when they've been a good size for a couple of weeks? I'm concerned the plants won't support new growth if I don't harvest them soon.
We have grown chillies for the first time, we have lots of fruit but have no idea when they should be harvested. How can you tell when they are ready?
Its a month since I added my last comment and my chilli's are still not red! Does anyone know whether they will turn? Also now all the leaves are covered in holes but I can't see any bugs - any ideas what this could be?
Am growing chillies outside in a container. Plant is loaded with green ones but I have only got 3 that have ripened so far(a few weeks ago) there has not been much sunshine since. Will the green ones ripen if I cover the plant and container in fleece now (29 August). I am in the South of the country.
i have just got some chili plants with them growing i have hot prairie fire,super hot demon,scotch bonnet.and tokyo hot i need to know how do you know when they are ready to pick and cook many thanks, PS some of the plants are my sons im not that brave.
Banksee, chillis can be picked and eaten at any stage, but check with the picture on the seed packet to see whether they have achieved the size and colour described. Most chillis start green before developing their full colour.
My free chilis are all loaded with fruit,they are all still in the green house, how much longer can i expect them to survive, i live in s.e. essex where we are well protected


Help, my chilli & pepper plants are not ripening.Is it the lack of sunshine? They are growing in pots on a sheltered patio. What can i do with them if they don't ripen at all before it starts getting colder?
Hi all, I too am enjoying growing peppers of all sorts. I had some lovely little orange salad peppers that were for sale in a supermarket as their "special" variety, if you know what I mean and I kept the seeds in a saucer on top of the kitchen cupboard for a couple of months 'till they were thoroughly dried out, and then planted them in my kitchen window sill pot. I had loads germinate after 1 to 2 weeks and while they were slow growing they eventually got to about 18 inches to two feet tall and have all produced fruit. Some are now on their second go too.

I have also grown the long thin red salad peppers and 3 different varieties of chillies, all from seeds I dried out after buying from the supermarket. I find it fascinating. Every time I find a pepper or chilli that I like, I'm going to keep the seeds and grow the plants. I have passed them on to friends and family and they all have plants now.

We all keep ours in the window sill indoors as none of us has a greenhouse and they are all doing well. I can't wait for next year as they should all produce even more fruit.

I was thinking the other day about how beautiful the leaves and flowers are on my chilli plant, and have been wondering why people don't keep them for decorative purposes as houseplants. They can be far more attractive than other house plants and there's the added bonus o the fruit.

Just got one problem though, Two of my plants get covered in greenfly on a regular basis and I have had to spray them, which I hate doing. Also If I get pesticide on the flowers, they're not going to get pollinated, so what can I do ??

I obviously cant have plants covered in greenfly in the house, so does anyone know how to stop this without using chemicals ??

I recently got into growing chillies. I've also found they are a great fun way to get kids into growing plants and gardening in general.
Hi everyone, I have tried growing chillies and peppers this yr, however after all my plants were being eaten, by something unknown, down to the stalks, they generated themselves, and I now have a late, but very good supply. However my chillies are still green!