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hi, i'm looking for advice on growing sweet red peppers as i'm new to growing my own. my problem started with a red pepper plant bought fully grown and produced 9 peppers before it started to die. as the leaves were dead my husband stripped the plant hoping it would grow back but it never did. i then covered the soil with banana peel and after 2 weeks of giving up hope took off the peel and the next day i had new seedlings growing. that was about a monthago and i now have 14 new pepper plants ranging from 90mm - 170mm all in individual problem is that i have very little space outside ,inside and no greenhouse.i don't know what to do next for the best of the plants,can you offer any advice, thanks for reading this hel
Can you please tell me of a good book all about growing chillies so i know what to do in the winter as i dont have a greenhouse PS a good cheap book many thanks.
I am growing chillies and sweet peppers together in my greenhouse. Several of my peppers have a definite chillie kick to them. Is it possible that they have cross-pollinated and produced hybrid fruits?
Hi, I would like to grow Bhut Jolokia chillis. Any one out there who could be able to supply, me at Nairobi Kenya? Email add:
Can anyone confirm that it's safe to plant chillis & tomatoes in the same garden plot?


I have a well etablished grape vine on a SW facing fence.I have pruned it well each year,cut off excess greenery and had masses of bunches last year.The only problem was that the grapes,although ripe and sweet, were tiny.Someone has told me to cut off the ends of the bunches,someone else that I should thin them out(which would be very fiddly.Would welcome advice please.
Hi, I have been test growing chilies for 2 seasons now, and i have had success growing them outdoors without use of a greenhouse or cold frame, I start all of my seeds indoors and then in mid may transfer all pots to the garden, you can check my progress on
im would like to grow bell peppers and was wondering when i could start them off? if its not too late this year! and are they like growing tomatoes? and what size pots do i need? do they get as big as tomatoes?

Catching up on some very old posts:

greenthumbs - no, your peppers that look like chillies are peppers. If there has been cross-pollination, the results of the cross wouldn't appear until you saved seed from the crossed fruit and planted it next year.

flungmonkey - yes, you can plant toms and chillies together.

justbegining - no, you don't need to remove the side shoots of chillies. They don't develop anything like the amount of foliage that toms do.

sonia1 - you grow peppers exactly as you do toms. Start them at the same time - in fact, if possible, start them earlier than toms. Like chillies, they can take longer to germinate and develop than toms do. So it's too late this year. The plants won't grow to the same size as, say, an indeterminate tomato plant. Mine usually grow to about 4' so you still need a decent size pot.

Excitable Boy

Hi Italophile,

I'm growing chillies for the first time and the flowers are just starting to develop. I'm a bit concerned as there is some dark discolouration on the stalks at some higher leaf axils. Is something wrong?

Cheers, EB

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