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We live in Waterloo, south of Brussels in Belgium. Here also, we have not seen many sparrows for the last few years. They had become so rare that they seemed an endangered species. But grand news this year: 2 families (about 11 birds)are coming to the bird feeders in the garden. Thanks for your site and magazine, very much appreciated also here in Belgium.
We have not been in our house long and the garden in the morning and evening is alive with sparrows. they are pretty much the only birds we have at the moment (the house had been empty for a while) and i delight in watching them while i am eating my breakfast.
I love the birds....but I also love my newly arrived kitten. Oh dear! Any is a big garden.
We have a holly tree in the garden where the sparrows nest but there are fewer here than last year, sadly. I'm not sure why as I feed the birds with seed, currants and lots of fruit. We have several families of blackbirds, plus thrushes, which is wonderful as I rarely saw them in my previous house in Hampshire. We are down on robins, too. We also get dunnocks and blue and great tits but not in great numbers so I am wondering if the colder weather is having an effect. It is as cold here as early Spring and I wonder if this is affecting the insect population - does anybody know?
We have large groups of sparrows living in and around our garden which is on the Isle of Dogs in East London, which says that you don't have to live in the middle of the countryside to get a decent population. I think there is a fair bit of neighbourhood feeding going on, including by me! The adults are bringing their young to feed, and I love to watch the youngsters "flutter-begging" as I call it. I can just hear the parents saying "There's some really good fast-food outlets around here - stick with it, kid."


I just found this site a few months ago and decided to do my bit, i have been feeding a family of blue tits and have loved watching them they seem to have stopped coming, also i put out fat balls and bags of seeds in my yard and ended up with 11 sparrows, i hadn't seen sparrows here for about 5 year so thats been fun they seem to have deserted me too?
I encourage small birds with an adjustable bird food sanctuary by Meripac. You can set the size of holes to accommodate different species. I have mine so birds up to blackbird size can go in but doves and pigeons can't. It is used every day, and I put out other food for all birds. It keeps out cats and birds of prey - from Soar Mill Seeds. A blackbird waits on the wall every morning for me to come with the food, which alerts the rest that breakfast is being served!
This is strange. Earlier in the year April May time we had loads of sparrows visiting the garden feeders along with a couple of robins some type of tit blackbirds etc. Now there seems to be hardly any activity.
I have had a family of housesparrows for the first time in my garden and they are all still feeding it great to watch
When I lived in the surburbs of B'ham I had loads of gold-green-bull finches, blue-coal-great tits etc but no sparrows or starlings. Now I have moved to the country I have had loads of sparrows and starlings but very few of the others although I did put up two niger feeders in the front garden which encouraged the goldfinches and they are now eating me out of house and home - at least 3 kg a week. I did at one time have a kestrel and amazingly enough a green parrot daily for about 6 months but he seems to have disappeared now. I also had one robin who used to come and tap on the lounge window for his daily supply of mealy worms when he was feeding young. Being disabled my birds give me so much pleasure to sit and watch.
While sitting in my garden on Monday I watched in horror as a ferral cat killed two of my favourate birds, sparrows, then later in the afternoon an magpie swooped down and took another sparrow. My day off was totally spoiled.
Are you sure they are carrots? I have seen these seedlings too, but have concluded that they are Love-in-a-mist? Is that possible? PK
my birdtable is always full of sparrows and until recently, their babies. I love looking out the window to see them all milling around the patio, it really is lovely to see.
We also feed the sparrows all sorts of goodies we seem to have more this year when we get up there waiting for us on top of the hedge by the back door they've ruined on of my half baskets on the wall they take the moss


A suggestion for Henrietta who has trouble with moles .Bury a hand full of human hair (try the hairdresser)in the mole's run and he will get the message!
If you want to attract birds into your patch you can't go wrong with sunflower hearts - all birds love these, in seed feeders or on the ground.
Living at the edge of a village we get in our garden all the birds mentioned in these comments apart from blackcap, herring gull and parrot(!) + great spotted woodpecker, nuthatch, tree-creeper & long-tailed tit. But house sparrows and starlings only rarely - despite the fact that there are hundreds of them around the rest of the village. I saw a flock of about 80 spadgers in one lane the other day. Not sure why this is, but I've noticed that as soon as you move away from the houses into the countryside, the numbers of house sparrows and starlings drop virtually to zero (tho sparrows re-appear around farm buildings). In some parts, tree sparrows take over.
Sparrows are by far the highest number of daily visitors to our garden. Loads of the quarrelsome little things competing for perches on the seed feeder. Underneath there are Collared Doves and fat Wood Pigeons waiting eagerly for the spilt pickings. All entertaining and welcome.
Sparrows are thriving in our beautiful part of Norfolk.A whole bunch of the little characters who live in a hedge over the road think our garden is perfect! They fly over for breakfast in the morning patiently waiting in a very safe holly tree in line for their turn on the feeder,which has a squirrel proof guard round it to stop the bigger birds intimidating them.We have made a small stream in the garden too so then they take it in turns to have a bath and drink.This stream has been an absolute God sent for them during the hot weather of late.