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I have seen Yellow Brimstones, Orange Tips as well as the Holly Blue butterflies adding colour to my spring garden. Better than two years ago when we hardly saw any butterflies at all throughout both spring and summer.
Can anybody help me with some positive suggestions. Having planted a wide vegetable plants these are now being eaten by slugs and snails. Can anybody give me some positive solutions to stop this happening or alterntive ways to protect the plants.
ends of the leaves of my tree peonie are turning purple and one of my roses,is there a deficiency,thank you
I have a castor oil plant, probably 30 years old. Always been great but this year it seems to be lacking the quanity of leaves it normally has? It actually looks sicks and withered and a lot of the leaves on there seem to be dying. It looks very bare compared to normal, any ideas or tips please.


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What a coincidence to read your blog on the Speckled Wood. Last weekend I had a Speckled Wood in my garden in Peterborough for the first time ever. This is a butterfly I have never seen before, despite reading in one of my butterfly books that it's not uncommon. My visitor just sat by our feet on a warm patio slab, allowing me time to go and fetch my book and confirm its ID. So far this April I've only spotted the occasional Small Tortoiseshell, a Peacock, and a tiny Holly Blue. No sign (yet) of two other early fliers I usually see in April – the Orange Tip and Brimstone.

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