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Yes, they can be grown on pots on a bright windowsill, but do need good light. Turn the pots daily to keep growth upright, and prevent seedlings bending towards the light. You may not have watched the late Geoff Hamilton on Gardeners' World raise seedlings on his windowsill. He made a reflector using kitchen foil on a piece of card and placed this behind the pots to reflect light back onto the seedlings from behind. This could be helpful. Both herbs, like coriander/parsley/basi;, and salads can be grown in pots.
Hello, I am a student at Cal Poly University in San Luis Obispo, CA. I was hoping you would give me a few mintues of your time filling out at short survey to help with a project on consumer preferences of lettuce. Just click on the link below to get started! Thank you for your time!!
I sow my cut and cut again salad leaves in seed trays, they are so easy to grow and so tasty, some seed companys have some seeds that are very quick to germinate and grow so its easy to start another tray as the first comes to an end . Last year i managed to get 6 re-grows on my cut and come again leaves

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