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It is sad to think of the dwindling numbers of wildflowers across the UK. Bees need an increasing variety of wildflowers to provide them with pollen - some of them are out as early as January and need as much help as they can get. We can all help by growing primroses and rosemary for early spring flowers, as well as sow seeds of annual native blooms to provide them with nectar in the summer. Lovely blog Jekka, thanks
I am looking for a primrose called Emily we did see one in Peter Barretts but have not found one since where can I buy one
Olwen, I have just, today, bought some primrose emily plants! I got them from the DIY store Focus. They were £1.45 each or five for £5. They are lovely. I've put them with my snowdrops and crocus. I also bought some flowering Lenten roses (orientalis). £2.99 each or two for £5. Also, very nice. Hope you find the Emilys!
also help you to recover better from exercise… and that means you can build more muscle and burn more body fat in the long term!


i've heard a lot of beautiful comments regarding this flower, primroses. i wish i'd be able to see one someday. anyway, this article is just as beautiful as its subjects. i hope more and more garden-lovers would be able to read this article. keep it up!
i have planted rosemary all around the fence on my allotment to make a nice hedge. and theres lots of it for my lamb. when i cook it.

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