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I am off due to easter holidays and today was the first real chance to get in the garden. Everything is in bud and the blue tits are hanging around. Thank goodness for spring, my favourite season. chris
Walking around Stourhead Gardens, near to where I live, I noticed in the more sheltered part of the garden, the flowers of pink Azeleas and rhododendrons are now starting to make a welcomed appearence at last. The flow of Daffs and Narcissus are now more frequently seen in hedgerows, and I am even germinating various sun flowers and 'Flying the flag' variety of sweet peas in the conservatory ready for a minor flood of colour in 'me little garden' later on this year. At last, everything is 'starting to happen'.
Its lovely just to walk around the garden and to find that in the quietness of the ground, slowly plants are starting to come from the cover of winter

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