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I am having great problems with a family of friendly squirrels digging holes in my newly laid lawn. I will try the chilli option but will it burn/effect the lawn?

The foxes who liked to dig for the worms that would come to the surface after the lawn had had a good hosing have responded very well to a sonic type machine that emits very high frequency bleeps. However, it doesn't seem to remotely bother the squirrels...

Best way to treat squirrels who steal bulbs is use quick sharp sand around the soil of bulbs, when they come to dig the grit within the sand clogs their claws and drives them insane, they will never dig onthat spot again. Plus good drainage for soil.
We have two squirrels who dig holes in our small lawn looking for the nuts they have previously buried. I think the only thing that sounds like it would stop them doing this is the 'chilli' option - but what exactly do you do? I presume you sprinkle chilli powder on the lawn, but wouldn't this ' burn' the grass? Any advice would be most welcome!!
Please do not be offended by what I say, in the USA we know Squirels do not dig or borrow in the manner as I have read here. It is goffers that do that. The lil nut carrier's are forging and just bring the nuts home. Please do not think that they are the whole problem. And I would love to hear from any one in the location of Guernsey or Socotra islands. Please. ask for Julie D.


All these people who say they love sqirrels are mad, they do realize that they are just rats with fluffy tails, that carry lots of different germs. YUCK!!!
My parents have a large lawn which is their pride and joy...then...the squirrels arrived!!!!! The lawn now looks like a construction site from all the digging and it is driving my parents crazy! Im not sure which is funnier,the furry little fellas persistance or my dad with his squirrel survailance cameras! we are now treated to the amusing spectact of my father running around the garden in his dressing gown and wellies,waving an air riffle with not a squirrel to be seen! ha.ha ..I will be sure to tell him about the chilli pepper.thanks.
They are cute but destructive. I used to think my neighbour's 'squirrel problem' was a joke til the little blighters moved into my garden.
Have you tried a catapult? Other than that they detest soap, so rub some on the trees or fencing they are using to get into your garden.

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