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I made a small garden pond last year, added tadpoles and fish. The tadpoles disappeared and I assumed the fish ate them. We were still feeding the fish beacuse they were surfacing every night but unfortunately they all died with their mouth open, full of food and sticking to the 6inches of ice we had. One frog returned to the pond and my son said "we'll have frogs this year." "Not with one frog we won't". I replied worried because he's now 13yrs. Anyway, I found a source of approx 100 tadpoles. We now have 1cm frogs and still several tadpoles. I have put in oxygenating plants which the tadpoles have been enjoying. The plants are survivng and growing. However, I was taking out dead leaves and found a green almost silky like webbing at the base of the pond and wondered if this had something to do with frogs? If any could advise what it is? We are installing a filter and pump before we buy more fish but should we wait until all the tadpoles have developed into frogs? I very much appreciate any advise.

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